Like Moths To Flames Albums

  • An Eye For An Eye Album (7/9/2013)
    You'll Burn

    A Feast For Crows

    The Common Misconception
    I Solemnly Swear


    The Blackout

    In Dreams

    Into The Ground
    Serpent Herders

    Nothing But Blood

    Lord Of Bones

    My Own Personal Hell

  • When We Don't Exist Album (11/8/2011)
    The Worst In Me
    No Hope
    You Won't Be Missed
    Faithless Living
    Your Existence
    Trophy Child
    My Own Grave
    Something To Live For
    Real Talk
    Praise Feeder
    Bonus Tracks
    Learn Your Place

  • Sweet Talker Album (6/1/2010)
    Your Existence
    Real Talk
    Death Cup
    Dead Routine

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