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The Gathering Like Fountains Lyrics

Last updated: 10/15/2006 12:00:00 PM

A scar inside
For such a long time
I'll do it all over again
Can't face the wounds
Have to go on
Stop remembering

Time by time shades reach the surface
A mental breakdown, they provide
Accept, clear up, clean up, go on
and soon I'll show some pride

There's enough to go on further
Don't force to forget

You seem to go on
When you are that strong, and fighting
What ever it takes
your will never breaks, you last and last
and I will be there for you my dear
for you to go on
When you are that strong, and fighting

Till the day I'm done with the shades
The rage I create towards myself, the hate
To claim the blame that I feel
To damage the dreams I need
Facing uncertainty
Facing the truth
Got to get on through
Blaming myself
Blaming at last
...And please forget
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