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Necro Light My Fire Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2012 02:19:09 PM

k the places that need fixin are in *****'s

(Slit, fuckin' slit)
(wink wink)
(wink wink)

Uh Uh
Fuckin' Whorebags

Your tits are greased up
You better clean the yeast up
I like a clean slut
AIDS between your butt will get your spleen cut
I'll bang you hard as I strangle you fuckin' you from an angle
That penetrates your anal prostate gland saliva dangle's
***Into*** your mouth bitches that demand action get ramsacked
And cock jam-packed in thier twat bashin' the ass in
Or bitches into fashion, sinful passion
Puffin' hash in a bong trash dance in a thong
***This*** hooker likes when people watch us fuck
So she could feel like she's a porn star
Well she's fuckin' me cause she's starstruck
My tongue is in your crotchless panties
The tartness is sweet like starches in Starburst candy
Bitches hate me but they love a dick, inside thier slit
Where the glove fit, heating up like an oven lit
Your mine, your perfect, that's the verdict
The pervert will vertically twist you and lick you while you jerk it
Work it you're all babes doin' it
Bitches down to drink piss, fluid, plus manure shit

Come on baby, light my fire (suck my dick)
Come on baby, light my fire (show me your tits)

Try to set the night on fire (rub your clit)
Girl we couldn't get much higher (you're a fuckin' twit)

What constitutes you bein a prostitute
You lickin' doodie shoots, for lots of loot till you gotta puke
Drinkin' up shots of fluid, even if you don't wanna do it
You'll be a true whore once you get through the manure
A whole piece down your esophagus, what an accomplishment
Everyone should awknowledge it you're a pig that could swallow shit
We've got different opinions
You feel women should be christians
Sitting home knitting and watching children
I feel women should be stripping and sinning
Syringes in em' trippin' while thier pimp brain washes them in a building
You OD'd now you're hooked up to an intravenous
It's a minor inconvenience, from the hospital bed you'll suck penis
You're not exempt, from being a wench
As long as both of your lips are bent
You could be dead and I'll still pay my rent
You'll eat the doodie from a swollen bowel
A putrid, long, stinky piece that's brown like Colin Powell

Come on baby, light my fire (suck my dick)
Come on baby, light my fire (show me your tits)
Try to set the night on fire (rub your clit)
Girl we couldn't get much higher (you're a fuckin' twit)

You're on fire
Your Cyphilis,infected clitoris
Is burnin' with desire
(wink wink)

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John you are pathetic Jim morrison doesn't have shit on Necro. | Reviewer: Jon | 9/26/12

Yo.. John you have no idea what you are talking about nor do you even realize the level of music necro and his listeners are on. Jim Morrison looks up to necro. Look it up you twit. I hope necro fullfils my wish and lights your fire you stupid fuck. Learn music or dont open that dill hole. Trash pathetic. Come at me pussy

necro is ill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/08

yeah im just coming off from a dxm trip, probably none of you know what that is but search it up... anyway i bump necro all day his shits fire n fuckin crazy gets u hyfed up n shit n its 3 A.M. n im still kinda feeling the dxm from last night shit was crazy.. and anybody who hates on necro is a fuckin pussy some of his other ill tracks are wise ass, underground , robbery, violins of violence, evil shit.. go cop them shits

Amazing | Reviewer: RB's Secret Bitcht | 1/9/08

I have met Necro, many times and his fucked me so good. He is the best I ever had but he real nice guy too. We get on so well. He never drink, smoke or do drugs around me, he says he dont do them but I doubt it's true but you never know. We dont talk no more, I didnt meet him at his last concert at he got angry at me. lol oh well, the sex was good

Boston | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

I went to a concert involving Necro and Ill bill a couple of years back. When the song "I need drugs" came on (which is quite possibly my favorite track he's put out) Necro was on stage, getting ready to spit his verse. At this point he's so trashed, Necro starts messing up his own lyrics about halfway into his first verse. It was comical because Ill Bill ran out on stage and pushed him backstage, ran back up on stage and started blazing his own verse. You could see Necro back stage blazing a bowl of crack while Ill Bill was blazing it up on stage. About halfway into his verse, Bill started fucking up and Necro had to come out on stage and save Bill. Through the duration of the song, this happened a good ten times and each time they would recover by smoking a bowl of crack backstage. It was the best concert ive ever been to in my life, and easily the most original.

necro is fake | Reviewer: daniel | 9/19/07

a friend of mine talked to necro after his gig here in sydney n apparently he's full of shit hes just a great rapper not a gangsta

The reviewer John is retarded. | Reviewer: Doctor Vic | 8/18/07

John, you're retarded.
I love The Doors, own every album and vinyl of theirs. I honestly don't think he's "trying to copy Jim Morrison" bro. I'm glad you're annoyed, that's probably what Necro was goin' for.
I personally think this song is hilarious.

amazing | Reviewer: random | 6/28/07

necro is amazing, like wow, no one else even dares go where goes. like so over the top. it makes me happy iside

Great | Reviewer: Maggie | 5/12/07

I love this song. I need drugs is my favorite by him though. :]

lame | Reviewer: john | 4/29/07

wow he actually sound like a retard at the beggining
that was horrable
his voice is like monotone at the chorus
jesus fuck dont try and copy jim morrison necro cause you suck balls at it

necro is a god | Reviewer: carver | 4/26/07

necro is the best artist iv ever heard he is a lyrical god

Awesome haha | Reviewer: Sydney | 4/23/07

haha this song is crazy
I love it
Its actually the first song by Necro I've heard
I listen to heavy metal
but its awesome haha
funny too.

Fuckin Joookes | Reviewer: Jon Baxter | 3/15/07

Haha that shits fucking hilarious. Pretty good though Necro's got sum definate talent. But thats like sum of the sickest shit I've ever heard, lmao. Pretty funny too.


eyy | Reviewer: JJ | 2/14/07

THE most brutal hiphop song, after Necros own dead body disposal, ever!!!

WhaaaaaaaaaT ???? | Reviewer: Sherree | 11/17/05

I've never heard any type of song quite like this one..
Just reading the lyrics is freaken crazy, so I can't imagine what the song sounds like !
Im not even gonna judage and talk shit, because either you saw all this stuff you're talking about or actually experienced it yourself so I wouldn't be anyone to say some shit about it.

It is crazy though.. Keep up the good work :-)