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Papa Roach Lifeline Lyrics

Last updated: 03/21/2011 11:00:00 AM

When I was a boy
I didn't care about a thing
It was me and this world and a broken dream
I was blaming myself
For all that was goin' wrong

I was way out there
On the wrong side of town
And the ones that I loved
I started pushing 'em out
Then I realised
That it was all my fault

I've been looking for a lifeline
For what seems like a lifetime
I'm drowning in the pain
Breaking down again
Looking for a lifeline

So I put out my hand
And I asked for some help
We tore down the walls I built around myself
I was struck by the light
And I fell to the ground

[Repeat Chorus]

Is there anybody out there?
Can you pull me from this ocean of despair?
I'm drowning in the pain
Breaking down again
Looking for a lifeline

You know a heart of gold
Won't take you all the way
And in a world so cold
It's hard to keep the faith
I'm never gonna fade away!


I've been looking for a lifeline
(I've been looking for a lifeline)
For what seems like a lifetime
(For what seems like a lifetime)
I'm drowning in the pain
Breaking down again
Looking for a lifeline

Is there anybody out there?
(Is there anybody out there?)
Can you pull me from this ocean of despair?
I'm drowning in the pain
Breaking down again
Looking for a lifeline
(Looking for a lifeline)

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Some people read way too far into it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

This song is fairly obviously about personal breakdown and rebuilding; economics has nothing to do with it, the language is not suited to economic commentary.

That being said, I love the song, the guitar riff is great and the chorus is very emotionally written.

papa roach has masterful skillz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/09

this song is one of the only good songs you hear on the radio nowadays. most of what you get when you listen to mainstream radio is crappy Nickelback and stuff like that. But this song is totally awesome it made me listen to papa roach. correct me if im wrong, but i think its about the economic problems in the USA.

amazing! | Reviewer: Karie | 4/7/09

I love Papa Roach, i have been listening to them for 10 years!
They are so amazing! They have never put out a bad song but this song is exceptionaly amazing!
They are especially amazing in concert, they have one of the best live shows ever. Jacoby's voice is so beautiful! :)

review | Reviewer: PowerRoach | 3/3/09

well, this is a amazing it gotta say the lyrics are really inspiring to make you happy , when your sad i think this what they have to say maybe supporting someone they know...

not so commercial song, as for my faviorte one, is between angles & insects

awsome!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: bill selmi | 3/3/09

This papa roach song is amazing!!!!! I love the chorus. He just sings it perfectly. The guitar intro is on fire!!!!!!!!! I have listened to papa roach ever since "scars" lol!!!!! But then I heard "last resort", "getting away with murder", "she loves me not", " be loved", "forever","time is running out", and "life is a bullet". They're all good,but this song beats them all!!! rock on papa roach!!!

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/09

My son tuned me in to this song. Not really a huge fan but this song and it's lyrics are fantastic. Maybe the album title signifies a positive change in one of the band member's life or someone they know. The words are awesome, taking on ownership and respondsiblity to change oneself, rather than blame another for our own actions. Then asking for help to begin change.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Manda | 1/18/09

I have listened to Papa Roach for the past ten years, since Infest, and I'd have to say this is among one of their top songs. The first time I heard it was at one of their concerts in December, and it is AMAZING. They are PHENOMENAL live.