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Mad Season Lifeless Dead Lyrics

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Lyrics by Layne Staley
Music by Staley, McCready, Martin, Saunders

Lifeless dead, that unclean bed
Till or when her hunger's fed
How he'd wished that they would wed
"I promise on our love" she said
Promises were never kept
Alone on dirty floor he slept

Yeah, Lifeless Dead

And although he'd not accept
She was gone and so he wept
Then a demon came to him
"You must know I'm gonna win"

Yeah, Lifeless Dead

He said, she said
She led him dead
He said we bled
She said not fed

Lifeless Dead, Lifeless Dead
Lifeless Dead, Lifeless Dead...

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Lifeless Dead | Reviewer: Kris durbin | 5/4/2007

ts no secret that Layne died from overdosing on Herion and Cocaine.......together they can be referred to as a Speed Ball. I believe this song refers to the love of his life.......however.....because they were both on drugs they couldnt get things right.......he offered marriage.......she declined.......he tried sobering up.......but "then a demon came to him" and you bacically know that demons (heroin) is gonna win.

For any Seattle music scene fan this album is a must have. If you dig into these lyrics you can then become more understanding of Layne and his trials and tribulations...and also gain an enormous appreciation for the music and how its like nothing else.

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