Lifehouse Albums

  • Blyss-Diff's Lucky Day Album
    Cling and Clatter
    Crown of Scars
    Fairy Tails and Castles
    Revolution Cry
    Somewhere In Between
    What's Wrong With That

  • Almeria Album (12/11/2012)
    Gotta Be Tonight
    Between The Raindrops
    Nobody Listen
    Slow Motion
    Only You're The One
    Where I Come From
    Right Back Home

  • Smoke And Mirrors Album (3/2/2010)
    All In
    Nerve Damage
    Had Enough
    Halfway Gone
    It Is What It Is
    From Where You Are
    Smoke & Mirrors
    Falling In
    Wrecking Ball
    Here Tomorrow Gone Today
    By Your Side
    In Your Skin
    All That I'm Asking For
    Crash And Burn

  • Who We Are Album (6/19/2007)
    First Time
    Whatever It Takes
    Who We Are
    The Joke
    Easier To Be
    Make Me Over
    Learn You Inside Out
    Bonus Tracks
    I'll Keep The Change
    I Want You To Know
    Signs Of Life
    If This Is Goodbye

  • Lifehouse Album (3/22/2005)
  • Stanley Climbfall Album (9/17/2002)
  • No Name Face Album (10/31/2000)
  • Diff's Lucky Day Album (9/1/1999)

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    Reviews about Lifehouse albums | Reviewer: Heather Siebens
        ------ About the album Blyss-Diff's Lucky Day performed by Lifehouse

    There aren't words to describe any of their words.... but their first, 2nd and 3rd albums just took my heart away and handed it directly to Jesus. The first one (2nd one from Diff's) was the one when I first began listening to them two years after they came out--I was pregnant-had my amazing child in 2000/2001--such a surprise during her ex father and my sit down talk about divorce again. We didn't stick that thru-I got very ill--and we grew worse--led to his heart hardening for Christ, and mine never opening for Him still. My ex beat me 2 months after y 1st brain surgery in 2002--that is when I became attached to the 2000 album--but in anger, not hearing the Jesus in it, not knowing Him. Then... came home finally with my daughter to Phoenix due to parents finally believing and accepting the beating. They helped me on my feet--but I was making life harder--kept overdosing on my Phenobarbital.... hospitalized 3 times in 2003--the 3rd time I almost lost my life. So selfish. Yet I was trying to find Jesus due to this purple sign that said Cornerstone--I knew it was about all that Jesus stuff--which I knew was true--I just had to find out on my own.... and HE SPOKE LOUD.... since then I haven't turned. Married my boyfriend from 2003 on Oct 6 (the same day my ex beat me--to make it an amazing day) in 2007. And I have her fully now--he can adopt her :)
    My 3rd brain surgery did me in last year-- I don't seize, yet I can barely walk. There is where we are blessed by prayers and how He answers, in different ways--I am not sure what this way is for, other than on Facebook and Twitter I have touched many peoples lives thru Christ--and that thru all my pain and agony, is worth not being able to dance Friday night with my hubby, or play aggressively with my daughter, as she takes care of me as the most loving, GODLY little girl ever. For her, thru all of this--I praise Jesus. And I turn back to your music--that helped me become a believer, and stay on fire. We had You & Me down the aisle, and Everything for our communion together.... you all were in our wedding--and did not know it!

    I praise Jesus for all talents, Jason, especially all you went thru as a child, and the words you kept--AMEN!

    Forever MORE,

    Heather Siebens

    Everything | Reviewer: Hakana
        ------ About the album No Name Face performed by Lifehouse

    This album, well practically this band beats all love songs and artists. It's absolutely beautiful. Every word spoken emotionally effects the listener in all ways of that relate to Love. Brilliant.

    Diff's lucky day | Reviewer: Dan
        ------ About the album Blyss-Diff's Lucky Day performed by Lifehouse

    Seen as only 1000 copies of this album were ever made, im so proud to say i own one of these copies. cost me a few bob but it was worth it, anabsolutely amazing CD. well done guys

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