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What's a dad for dad?
Tell me why I'm here dad
Whisper in my ear that I'm growing up to be a better man, dad
Everything is fine dad
Proud that you are mine dad
Cause I know I'm growing up to be a better man

Father I will always be
That same boy that stood by the sea
And watched you tower over me
Now I'm older I wanna be the same as you

What's a dad for dad?
Taught me how to stand, dad
Took me by the hand and you showed me how to be a bigger man, dad
Listen when you talk, dad
Follow where you walk, dad
And you know that I will always do the best I can
I can

Father I will always be (always be)
That same boy that stood by the sea ~(the boy that)~
watched you tower over me (over me)
Now I'm older I wanna be the same as you
The same as you

Father I will always be
That same boy that stood by the sea
And watched you tower over me
Now I'm older I wanna be the same as you (x2)

[in the backgound 2nd time]
When I am a dad, dad ~(when i am a dad, dad)~
I'm gonna be a good dad ~(i'm gonna be a good dad)~
Did the best you could, dad ~(did the best you could, dad)~
Always understood, dad ~(always understood, dad)~
Taught me what was right, dad ~(taught me what was right, dad)~
Opened up my eyes, dad ~(opened up my eyes, dad)~
Glad to call you my dad ~(Glad to call you my dad)~
Thank you for my life dad

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great song | Reviewer: doli | 4/9/12

great song. My dad is anything but a perfect father, he has done some really stupid things, but he still gave me my life so...
Anyway, I love Yellowcard, and Ocean Avenue is anamazing album

;kljbsa,f | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/11

i would never want to be my dad nor do i think i will ever really be proud to call him mine.

but this song touches me and makes me´╗┐ think of people who have fathers like this. one of my best friends has a dad like tht. it broke my heart when i was invited to his funeral :'(

<3 yellowcard for ever

good song but | Reviewer: t-bone | 2/1/11

now see all these people commenting about how this song reminds them of how great their dads are and wut not. yea its a great song and i love it but it reminds me of the jackass of a father i have. the one that not only semi-walked out of my life when i was 4, cuz i still seen him every once in a while, but completely walked out my life when i was 10. seeing him 1 time in 10 years, i'm 20 now, cuz i found out he has 2 new sons so wut use am i to him? still a great song tho lol

Yellowcard Never Let's You Down | Reviewer: Gotta Love it | 10/28/10

Gotta love this song, it's so heartfelt. My dad is one of the strongest people I know, and even though we used to butt heads nonstop he was still always there for me. Put me through school, pays for college, taught me how to fish, how to ski, and most importantly how to be the bigger man.

I can't wait, when I finally do settle down and have children, to be just like my dad and have my children feel the same way.

Props to yellowcard for such a sentimental song.

Really thanks about that | Reviewer: Arigato | 6/9/10

Every i heard this song more i feel eerie. This my favorite song especially for my dad, but i want to make it proud with more thereof. Thx for yellowcard, i'll be wait your next album. Your the beast.

I wish my father knew english for this. | Reviewer: olgg | 4/23/10

I love this song very much, it moves me to tears each time I hear it. Just beacuse I love my dad very much, he always was and still is the best fater a girl can have and even now, that I'm away from home he's still trying his best to help me in every way he can. I hope he'll be with me as long as possible and that I am never a disappointemt for him...

A Proud Son | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/09

I heard this song for the first time yesterday, and it definitely moved me to tears. It makes me think of just how grateful I am to have a father such as mine. My dad taught me all the things mentioned in this song. I'm so glad that there's a positive song about fathers out there. Thanks Yellowcard.

"Death of a Salesman" | Reviewer: S.Loren | 4/3/09

Is this song based on the Arthur Miller play called "Death of a Salesman"?? Bcoz the lyrics are very reminiscent of the character Happy, who's dad comits suicide and Happy is adament on validating his father's life, by taking on his job etc. Coz i reckon its great!

amazing song | Reviewer: mary | 12/27/08

this song is amazing... reminds me of how important dads are even tho sometimes they can be hard too... but they're always trying to do the best for us even when it doesn't seem like it, and even when its not actually the best. but they really do love us.

a happenstance song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/08

this song, its hard for me not to tear up when i listen to it, my dad died of a heart attack when i was 15, 2 years ago. its a hard thing to go thru. but this song just makes me feel so proud to have had my dad for how long he was here. i still love him and when i finally go the pearly gates. i hope hes there waiting for me and ready to give me a big ol' hug. thanks yellowcard for the song, really thank you so much. keeps the memory of my pops in heart.

Best present a Dad could ever get | Reviewer: Randy | 2/16/08

My son gave me this song as a present on my 50th b-day. What an honor, as I hardly feel deserving of it. Fathers want to do their best, and yet we mess up, but when we hear songs like this we really do strive to live up to the love expressed. While I have told my son how much I love him and what a HUGE blessing this song is to me, does anyone have any sugestions on songs I can give him back? For those struggling with the hurt of a less-than-perfect Dad (lke all Dads are), I apologize on behalf of all of us, but encourage you to let him know you still want to be loved, and love him.

Great! | Reviewer: Julie | 2/5/08

Really great song :)
To all who said they are sad because their father is not like that: Be glad that you have a dad at all! Nobody's perfect! Everyone makes mistakes every now and then!
I never had the chance to meet my dad because he died. But no matter what I'm sure he would be the best dad in the entire world for me! And although I don't know him he was and is!

irony | Reviewer: erica | 12/2/07

i love the irony between the song title and the play. and this is one of my favorite yellowcard songs. it's refreshing to hear an upbeat, positive song about a parent, versus the typical sad ballad about messed up childhoods.

i just don't know | Reviewer: Shannon | 9/10/07

this song is fabulous but my least favorite song on the album because it makes me want to cry, my dad is one of the most horrible people i know. oh, to have a dad like that..

oh my lord | Reviewer: paul | 8/24/07

truely the best yellowcard song iv ever heard, one of the best songs iv ever heard ful stop, it actually brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me of all great times iv had with my dad even if we dont always get on!

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