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The Rasmus Life 705 Lyrics

Last updated: 04/28/2009 11:00:00 AM

It is preventing tomorrow,
It's so tough.
It is a fanning horror,
It's so rough.
It's not a pacifist,
It's not a pacifist.
It's not complaining or praising,
It's not fair.
It is pretending to mind
It doesn't care.
It's not a pacifist,
It's not a pacifist.
Would you be?

It's taking your time.
It doesn't matter what you feel.
It's harder than steel.
One day we'll find a reason why.

It is aware of your thoughts
You think in vain.
It will start up a riot 'n'
Release the pain.
It's not a remedy,
It's not a remedy.
You will follow the orders
Of your king.
You will bury the answer
Of this thing
It's not a remedy,
It's not a remedy.
Would you be?

I'm not sorry.
I will find the way.

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Wow | Reviewer: Kat | 4/27/09

I first heard of the Rasmus when their Dead Letters was out, but after buying all of their recent CDs, I can clearly rate them as the best band- ever. This song is my favorite from their whole album. I sing it everywhere I go, and everytime I hear it, I forget about everything, and just really concentrate on the lyrics. Great Song!

The Best Band ! | Reviewer: Evelyn | 5/24/07

Me parece muy buena la canción.. además q adoro a este grupo con todo mi ser, súper bellos los amo, las lyricas ni se diga, excelentes! la banda es una de las mejores, podria decir.. también creo q tienen mucho potencial y q se merecen todos esos premios y la fama q ahora tienen, comenzaron desde muy jóvenes y ahora pueden ver todo lo q han ido cosechando a nivel musical y artistico, Lauri, bueno... q puedo decir? una súper voz q hipnotiza! pauli, eero y aki.. excelentes también! wow se me acaban las palabras.. para concluir.. AMOOOOOO A THE RASMUSSSSSS CON TODO MI SER!

Life 705 | Reviewer: Emm | 11/18/06

Wow. When I first heard this song, I was totally amazed & blown away by the emotion that's in it. If you're looking for a song to cry to, for a song to forget about everything around you, you found it. Life 705 will be the song to make you think clear again.