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Lamb Of God Lies Of Autumn Lyrics

Last updated: 09/16/2010 11:00:00 AM

As the leaves fall yellowing like aged paper, thoughts turn acrid and curl
like cigarette smoke rising from a butt ground out on my arm. Step into this
decay and experience dissolution. Crucified on a plank of cruelty, crucified
on a plank of apathy to sleep the winter away. Immobile for the cold
duration. Huddled in isolation, to sleep the winter away.

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? | Reviewer: jeremy | 9/16/10

While I do love arguing, I must refrain while saying only that I love this music and that it is an art. An art that is only to become lost without us. Fuck you're argument. Spread some mother-fucking metal love.

who gives a fuck whhat their name was | Reviewer: ryan | 12/30/08

who gives a fuck if they were burn the priest of l.o.g. either way its a fucking awesome song by a fucking amazing band dont matter what they were called its all the same they both kick ass album name or band name who cares just as long as they keep releasing their amazingly modern yet old school music so quit bitching and just listen and learn! ya dumb fucks

At the time. | Reviewer: Rick | 7/30/08

True Burn the Priest changed their name to Lamb of God, however this song is a sort of snapshot of time, and what you are hearing would be more accurately said as Burn the Priest and not Lab of God with the intent of the makers. Say your local grocery store named "Bob's" poisoned you with their food, then with partial new management changed their name to "Tim's". Was it Bob's or Tim's that poisoned you? Bob's...

dumbasses | Reviewer: dumbasses | 8/12/07

yall are stupid its lamb of god not burn the priest was there old name thay changed to lamb of god the name of the albumn is burn the priest

Logical standards | Reviewer: Jake | 7/2/07

I've noticed the reviews to this song are basing an argument whether this song was done by "Lamb of God" or "Burn the Priest." This is indeed in the album, and was done by Lamb of God. The band name used to be the album named before this was changed. But since Lamb of God is the name of the band now, it's by none other than "Lamb of God," since the name "Burn the Priest" no longer represents the band.

omfg | Reviewer: Wynter | 6/18/07

This is Burn The Priest, this was before they changed they're name to Lamb of God. This album was released in 1999 under the name Burn The Priest. They redone it later in 2005. So know YOUR Lamb of God idiot.

Stop It | Reviewer: Yoseph | 6/4/07

This is Lamb Of God idiot. The album is Burn The Priest. Know your lamb of god.

this isnt my lamb of god | Reviewer: pmfman | 5/27/07

this song is by burn the priest, not lamb of god or as i lay dying, get it right already