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Patent Pending Levittown Is For Lovers Lyrics

Last updated: 08/06/2007 11:00:00 AM

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Friday left me hopeless
Saturday left my scared
Sunday drove my crazy
Monday just reminded me that I'm still here
An every word you say is like a bullet to my brain
I'm posied for the attack of words
But you're drawing blood again
Call the FBI and get the CIA
Let them know that im alright
I'm coming back today
It probably doesn't matter
They cut the search team long ago
They said the case was hopeless
And my family just let go
The days are growing warmer
The ice is wearing thin
I can't wait for these games to end
And my new world can begin
I need you now
Like the star light needs the moon
I have my witts about me
And i swear I'm leaving soon
So hold on for your life
Cause it's a roller coasters end
Tell me how much longer did you think
I would pretend

So now it's back to the start again
I cant hear you
An Every word you say is like a bullet to my brain [2x]
Whoa Oh Whoa Oh Whoa Oh Whoa Oh Whoa oh

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