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Red Hot Chili Peppers Leverage of Space Lyrics

Last updated: 03/10/2009 11:00:00 AM

shade, stay, know
but they communicate
try, fade,
the leverage of space

star, jay,
the fall dawn aim to place
with shades on,
the leverage of...

shade, shade, shade,
the leverage of, the leverage of space

space, shade, shade,
the leverage of, the leverage of...

pain breaks down
mountains that remain
so tame
oh, the leverage of...

shade, shade, shade,
the leverage of, the leverage of space

shade, shade, shade,
the leverage of, the leverage of...

when I was down upon myself
I walked a road that's always there
you and I we're everywhere
and I'm alone

She would never know the reason
that I loved to come and see her
where she sits I'll never go
you know it's always there

the leverage of, the leverage of...

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this one girl | Reviewer: brndn1992 | 3/9/09

This song reminds me of this girl who really made an impact in my life."she would never know the reason I loved to come and see her where she sits ill never go you know its always there" really sums up how I feel about her and how she might think of me. She probably always thought that I always saw her for sex but I just loved the euphoric bliss her presence gave me.When your made fun of almost everday its hard to find someone who genuinely likes you for you.its over now but my love stays.

with shades on | Reviewer: blueberry | 12/24/07

It's a great song. For me I like to think about aliens and quantum physics and alternate universes and light-speed travel when I listen. Flea at the end makes me smile every time too.

One of the best songs I've ever heard... | Reviewer: Sab | 12/22/07

I cannot stop listening to this song. One reviewer said the song was poor quality because it's live. I disagree. I think this song benefits from the immediate feel that a live recording lends to it. Every part of this song blends together perfectly to create one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Amazing song | Reviewer: neo | 7/20/07

I love this song. It is extremely underrated. The song is beautiful and has an amazing feeling it gives off. I would really like to hear a studio version of this song on a future album before the Chili's retire.

amazing | Reviewer: gloria c. | 7/13/07

is a grate song and I love it , one of the most inedit songs,that you always search to hear over and over

Leverage of Space | Reviewer: Henry Jillyma | 12/22/06

This is a satisfactory song. It is poor quality but it's live, so i guess you could forgive them for that.

Leverage of space | Reviewer: steffan mcivor | 9/2/04

This song starts slowely building into a suttle twist by John riverting around mixing and blending in to a silence ,the chorus reapeats the same words moving slowly but louder and more together, carming down once again smashing into the chorus, antony sounding clear and loud then johns twisting and riverting his guitar like nothing ever seen, boastings its encredibility with antononys voice along with flea excellent tune.

The song sounds clear and loud seemingly to fit each other all the way through the song.

I see this song underated.This song is crafted with real skill that only the chilis would have been able to pull.