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Nobody likes you...
Everyone left you...
They're all out without you...
Having fun...

Where have all the bastards gone?
The underbelly stacks up ten high
The dummy failed the crash test
Collecting unemployment checks
Like a flunkie along for the ride

Where have all the riots gone
As your city's motto is pulverized?
What's in love is now in debt
On your birth certificate
So strike the fucking match to light this fuse!

The town bishop is an extortionist
And he don't even know that you exist
Standing still when it's do or die
You better run for your fucking life

It's not over 'till you're underground
It's not over before it's too late
This city's burning
It's not my burden
It's not over before it's too late

There's nothing left to analyze

Where will all the martyrs go when the virus cures itself?
And where will we all go when it's too late?

And don't look back

You're not the Jesus of Suburbia
The St. Jimmy is a figment of
Your father's rage and your mother's love
Made me the Idiot America

It's not over 'till you're underground
It's not over before it's too late
This city's burning
It's not my burden
It's not over before it's too late

She said I can't take this place
I'm leaving it behind

Well she said I can't take this town
I'm leaving you tonight

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I love this song with all my heart | Reviewer: Anna | 12/17/12

I first heard of this band when they made 21 Guns. Then American Idiot. I got my iPod an I begged my brother to download the album just so I could listen to American Idiot. Then, after a while I started listening to all the other songs on the album. I relized that I knew some of the songs like Wake Me Up When September Ends(listening to that right now) and Boulavard of Broken Dreams. I was going through a tough time and the first 13 words spoke to me. Of course, I hide this fact from my boyfriend who I love dearly and also my friends becuase I'm already know as the schools Goth Wanna Be. Just cause I wear black and want my hair dyed. But every night, I would come home, plug in my iPod and listen to this song and more that were on that playlist. Like, Jesus of Suberbia and Homecoming: the Death of St. Jimmy. Do if you think that Green Day is for goth, emo weirdos, heres 6 words for you.

Go die in a fucking hole.

Green Day | Reviewer: Blood Bird | 3/2/12

like everyone else, i agree that anyone can be a Green Day fan. i like all their music that i hear, but my heart beats for American Idiot (album) though my favorite song is Basket Case. leave comments if you believe that they should re-record the tracks for "Cigarettes and Valentines."

I've...got you!!! | Reviewer: Nava | 10/28/11

I'm a true fan of Green day,i was the fan of them since i was five,i used to sing their American idiot album in car,home... They made me what i am now,a musician/singer,a poor one,who lives in Iran,and wanna buy the original CD,but she can't,born in a family that made me eat music(!!!) since i was born,growing up listening to Queen,Scorpions,Metallica,this girl is a real Rebel! Here there is no place for people like me,I love Green day and Nirvana(both in same place for me) they are so cool,for me,i even cut my hand when i saw Jesus of suburbia... You may think I'm a crazy psycho,well,that is what i really am,and i can't change it!! ;p

Green Day Fans | Reviewer: Non of your buisness ;) | 9/5/11

It's good to know there are still people out there listening to decent music. Especially the people who weren't around when Green Day first started because they're te ones who found out about a fairly old band and fell in love with them because they're just so amazing. May Green Day live in peoples memories FOREVER! (not that they're dead or anything but still)

Chill out peeps | Reviewer: Chehalis | 5/6/11

ok every stupid person whos whos trying to say anyones not a real Green Day fan is clearly an idiot. I've loved Green Day since i was 2 years old, and the first song i heard by them was Wake Me Up When September Ends. I,m 11 now and everyperson i know knows who i love (Billie Joe Armstrong) and my favorite band (Green Day of course) and song, album, ect. Well i think everyone who likes Green Day is a true fan and just because they dont know every teeny tiny fact about it doesn't mean they're not a true fan. So if you like Green Day and people say you're not, just ignore them. Or beat the shit out of them and laugh. :^D :-P :)

Come on now... | Reviewer: St. Jimmy | 3/6/11

It's ridiculous to say that some people aren't "real" Green Day fans. That's just being ignorant. The first Green Day album I heard was American Idiot. Yes, I love the album and all the songs in it. But you know what? I also love Deadbeat Holiday, Basket Case, When I Come Around, Longview, 2000 Lightyears Away, etc. I love all their music. And unlike some people I don't deprive myself of their newer stuff for any reason. Green Day, as a whole, is the best band ever.

AWESOME!! | Reviewer: Lea :) | 2/7/11

Okay, so I L-O-V-E Green Day. They are my favorite band and have been since i was 6 (I'm 12 right now). I love all their music, I have EVERY CD. Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, International Superhits!, Shenanigans, American Idiot, Bullet in a Bible (the live album..duh!), 21st Century Breakdown. And soon I'm going to get Awesome As F**k!!!! I can't wait!!! If you look on my iPod all you will see is Green Day and a LITTLE Paramore (they are good too). I hate all that pop crap its disgusting...I'm a 12 year old girl who loves Green Day! Accept it!! :D

It's anti... war! | Reviewer: Lady Jazz | 1/24/11

I was 11 in 2005 when I bought American Idiot because I liked the album cover. I became the punky little girl in 5th grade and since then, I've acquired more Green Day music than I can count. What I love about Green Day is that they're real, they can sing about anything because they don't really care about what people think; and neither should you... Billie Joe says it all in Minority, when they performed live in Milton Keynes and they made Bullet in a Bible... So all chill out, it doesn't matter when you heard them, how "much of a fan" you are, I rate they love everyone for supporting them over the years, long live Green Day <3

Wow... | Reviewer: Whatsername | 1/4/11

I love all Green Day, even American Idiot and hell, I LOVE 21st century Breakdown. I was Born in 1997 and even though I wasn't really alive for the begining of Green Day I still love them. If you say "Oh my G*d look at this little girl, she was born in '97 so she hasn't been exposed to real Green Day" Then shut up.... I can't even continue, this will become like a page long >.>

love itt | Reviewer: air_force_girlfriend | 12/6/10

Wow. I don't see why people are arguing. I became a fan 7 years ago and it's been great. I've seen them live twice. Once after I graduated high school and this past tour as a birthday present from my mom. The first time I went with her we were BOTH blown away. We drove well over 4 hours from Dallas, TX to San Antonio to see them and they NEVER let you down. Great energy. Great at keeping the crowd in it. Never a dull moment. And who cares when you started listening...Green Day is going down as one of the greatest bands in history regardless.

To the Anonymous person: I get what your saying but it's Green Day. Capital G AND D....words not ran together.

Me | Reviewer: Austin | 11/16/10

I'm a music lover. I like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Dropkick Murphys, Jay-Z, Disturbed (just a little bit) and of course, Green Day. Other than, Disturbed, Jay-Z, nd Eminem, I like almost all of Green Day's, Pink Floyd's, and The Beatles's albums/songs. Don't say music is bd, because It's not. look on my iPod you'll find, Insomniac, International Superhits!, American Idiot, Dookie, Warning, and 21st Century Breakdown! Anyway. This song is great, my 3rd favorite concept album. nice song. Gets my stress out. SO DON'T TRASH OTHERS' MUSIC!

WTF?!? | Reviewer: Maddy | 11/10/10

What the fuck?!? Really?!? I have loved Green Day for all of my life. I don't call myself an 'old skool fan', I just love their music and that's all that matters, right? There shouldn't be a break between 2 different types of fans. We are all true fans in the long run. So why do we really have 2 argue? It doesn't matter if u liked them b4 or after American Idiot, ALL of their albums r kick ass :P ALL of their songs r amazing and hav a real, true meaning. Unlike most of the songs 2day like that retarded gay Justin Bieber or stupid rap stars who think it's cool 2 wear their pants extremly baggy and think it's cool to rap about retarded shit. But, 2 the 12 year old who said that Green Day is goth. Go fuck yourself, isn't emo/goth music where they scream so fucking loud it makes your ears bleed? I wouldn't know coz I don't listen 2 that shit!!! Green Day rocks and EVERYONE should just except it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does no one listen to this song?!?!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/10

Ok, I became a fan when I heard the American Idiot album, but unlike SOME people, I checked out a lot of their older stuff (NOT JUST FROM 2001!) like Insomniac, Dookie (possibly my favorite one), Nimrod, Warning, and the compilations from 2001 and 2002. Anyways, this is one of the best songs on the album. There are also a few out-takes from the album too. (Too Much Too Soon, Shoplifter, Governator, Favorite Son, and When it's Time). Green Day is the best band ever. Never forget that. Oh and BTW I read some other reviews, and it actually is two words. "GREEN DAY", not "GREENDAY". Oh, and I didn't notice this here, but just in case, it is B-I-L-L-I-E J-O-E. Not B-I-L-L-Y J-O-E or B-I-L-L-Y J-O. God, some people are just stupid! Thank you Green Day for such a kickass song.

Green Dat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/10

I love this song it's great and the first album I heard was American idiot but since then I have listened to almost all of the other albums that green day has and liked most of them. I am not so sure about 21st century breakdown though it's not that good but it is still good. I like alot of the older stuff they have too. So yeah

Ugh. Fighting? Really, guys? | Reviewer: Lexi | 8/19/10

I don't understand why people are fighting over 'real' Green Day fans.

I first heard of Green Day during the American Idiot era. It was like, 2005 when I first heard them.

I was eight years old. I was born in 1997. It's impossible for me to be a Green Day fan before American Idiot because I had never been exposed to punk rock until then.

I'm a 'real' Green Day fan because I actually know more than a few songs that were popular. I bought their cd's and merch. I supported them. Hell, I was even known as 'Green Day Girl' at school in 3rd-6th grade!

Just because of my age and the era in which I began listening to Green Day, doesn't make me any less of a fan than anyone else. It's all the same and this is retarted to fight over. It's not like Green Day actually cares about who was a fan for the longest. It's not a contest.

This is my favorite song. Just because it's on American Idiot means I'm not a real Green Day fan? It's stupid.

If people keep thinking that, it's impossible to admit to liking American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown for that matter!

You like what you like. You can't help when you start to like a band. Get over it.

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