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Lamb Of God Letter To The Unborn Lyrics

Last updated: 08/11/2009 12:00:00 PM

[The booklet for this album shows that the song is instrumental, but when you listen to it it's obviously not instrumental.]

I want some hatred on through
This pain to feel you're fading
They say stop be more gentle
It seems I walk this hard trail alone
Come danger take them all
Then throw them at the walls
Why won't you let me go
What does your father feel
There is no point is your papa not living now
I'm gonna tear off the legs of the one that killed
Me the most powerfull human of all
I a missing father
An empty role
Why did this immortal good child forget me
Why'd a mans own father blow these
Heartstrings away
Thrice have I called for blood I want the undead child
Why wouldn't fate let this unborn child
Die a wooden blow
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