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Edwin McCain Letter To My Mother Lyrics

Last updated: 05/12/2013 01:51:02 PM

Mama, how do I write the words to you
You were the only one who loved me true

But there’s a woman that we don’t even know
She gave me life, then you gave me a home

I love you, Mama
But I want to tell her too
Is that her little boy still loves you

I close my eyes, does she look like me
Does she need my help, is she cold on the street

Am I forgotten like a bad childhood dream
A B-movie actor on the black and white screen

I love you, Mama
But I want to tell her too
Is that her little boy still loves you
Is that her little boy still loves you

Could I have seen her, I’ll never know
Maybe she’s always been there watching me grow
I wanted to tell her how grateful I am
For giving me life, I’ve done the best that I can

I love you, Mama
But I want to tell her too

Is that her little boy still loves you
Her little boy still loves you

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Letter to my gold mother | Reviewer: Yusuf olawale | 5/11/13

Sunday, May 13, 2013
I couldn't sleep last night until I got up and wrote the words that I was mulling around in my head... This is my letter to my mother for Mother's Day today. I thought I would share it with you:
Thank you mom
for always attempting to keep me happy, safe,protected and nourished.
Thank you for your kindness, caring and immeasurable patience.
Thank you for looking out for me even when I didn't think I needed it
and for letting me fall when I had to learn by making my own mistakes.
Thank you mom for always being there;
for waiting up and worrying, for the lectures and the endless concerns.
Thank you for laughing with me, even though I knew at times that you were also laughing atme.
Thank you for the limitless hugs, kisses, vitamins and bandaids
and for the support I receive from you every single day.
Thank you mom
for keeping me warm, for keeping me calm and for keeping me sane.
Thank you for understanding that there were times that I would be mad with you
but always forgiving me in the end.
Thank you for sticking up for me, for encouraging me, for believing in me and
for letting me know that you never expected more than the best I could do.
Thank you mom
for teaching me to be honest, courteous, appreciative and loving.
Thank you for trying to teach me to be neat and tidy, even though it didn't work.
Thank you for teaching me to try to see the best in people, to be diplomatic in the face of conflict,
and when I had no choice but to fight, to fight fair.
Thank you mom
for instilling in me a love for travel, books, flowers, photography and food.
Thank you for nurturing me to always try something new and to keep an open mind.
Thank you for the thousands of back rubs, millions of phone calls, and for always sendingme home with left-overs. Still, to this day, you spoil me and I am incredibly grateful for it.
Thank you mom
for showing me how much beauty is around me, and reminding me of it constantly when my world feels dark and frightening.
Thank you for the endless stories, songs and games when I was young, and the endless conversation and knowing smiles now that I am older.
Thank you for putting up with thousands of diapers, my know-it-all teenage years, my sometimes insane 20's and the emotional roller coaster that was my 30's.
And through it all, thank you for loving me no matter what.
Thank you mom
for being so smart, so beautiful, so wise and so talented. It's nice to know that I have the potential somewhere in my genetics to possibly one day be as special as you.
Mom, the words "I love you" are not adequate enough to express how grateful I am to be your son, how much you are appreciatedor how much you will always mean to me,
so I will simply say:
Thank you mom for being my superhero,
my expert-in-everything,
and my very best friend.

A mother son dance song? | Reviewer: Christina | 11/11/12

This song is horrible for a wedding, this song is about loving his mother that he has known his whole life, but the other woman he is talking about his his biological mom that he has never known. It doesn't translate very well for a wedding

Letter To My Mother | Reviewer: Debby Willis | 9/2/10

It is a great song, I am going to use it at my 25th Anniversary Wedding Renewal when my son and I have our dance. It is great to use as a Mother and Son dance when her son gets married, in stead of the usual The Man That You've Become. I've heard that song at every wedding I have been to. It is about time someone wrote a song that could be used instead. Thank You Mr. Edwin McCain for the great song