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Barbara Fairchild Let Me Love You Once Before You Go Lyrics

Last updated: 02/24/2005 10:00:00 AM

It's like looking in the window of a fine boutique
Knowing there is nothing I could ever buy
Still I want your love so much that I could die
But I just can't lead a double life being one man's lover one man's wife
But you can start a fire raging just by touching me
Even though I know we're not supposed to touch
Oh I've never wanted anyone so much
How I wish that I had found you first don't you see my heart's about to burst
Let me love you once before you go
Your eyes keep saying yes to me so don't keep saying no
Let me love you once and then you'll see
No one's ever gonna love you more than me
[ piano ]
Let me lock the door and open all my love to you
All the love I've longed to give you since we met
It's the only chance I'm ever gonna get
And I just can't let it disappear oh my darling please come over here
Let me love you once before you go...
No one's ever gonna love you more than me

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