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Ditchwater Let Me Down Lyrics

Last updated: 01/03/2005 11:00:00 AM

Hate left on my brain
No match for the scars on my heart
And now I bleed
And from the pain I break apart
They took all that I offered
If you could only see
That they could do to you
Just what they did to me
This rage, this pain
Never let me down before
I don't know what I need anymore 2x
Revenge is what I need
No amount is ever enough
To sever my heart
Taken from her hateful clutch
Clenched Fist, clenched teeth
Slit wrists all over again
No pain for me is out of reach
What I want, what you need
No longer a part of me
What you want, what I need
Is so far out of my reach 4x
Your hate is what I need
No amount is ever enough
To burn through my life
I'll never give this up
I'll rise through pain
No one will ever see
This pain belongs to none but me

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