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Let it die and get out of my mind
We don't see eye to eye
Or hear ear to ear

Don't you wish that we could forget that kiss
And see this for what it is
That we're not in love

The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start

It was hard to tell just how I felt
To not recognize myself
I started to fade away

And after all it won't take long to fall in love
Now I know what I don't want
I learned that with you

The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start
The tragedy starts from the very first spark
Losing your mind for the sake of your heart
The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start

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Feeling better | Reviewer: TRMF | 11/13/11

There are two lines in this song that make me feel better when I'm feelin broken hearted.
"the saddest part of a broken heart isn't the ending as much as the start." it reminds me that the worst has already past.


"don't you wish we could forget that kiss" there's just something so poignant in that fact. It's those moments that we long for. But they're only moments. They're what makes us long to stay in relationships and losing the possibility for more of them hurts but they're moments thy aren't relationships.

... | Reviewer: weak lover | 8/19/10

weak lover is not so positive... but once that was my problem... i fell in love and my heart beated so fast.. and my strenght was hidded behind a low self esteem and afraid of being happy. and i could give myslef, i could have done it. why was it hard at the time. and that song remind me that love.. our only kiss.. can't forget. and i can't forget how happy i was with the moment that i felt his lips.

Let it die? | Reviewer: arielle | 10/3/09

exactly like all of you said. things sometimes just don't work out, and yeah it hurts, but you gotta be strong, take a deep breath, and think of all the positive things you and your ex significant other have been through. you have to think about yourself for a while, then at the time when you find yourself you can find someone else. just be comfortable in your own skin, and even if he does move on he loved you once, and he always will. he will one day realize he made a stupid mistake and come back begging for you. and at that moment he'll feel all the pain you went through, when you don't take him back. you girls seem like really amazing people with really amazing views on life, and breakups. you live, and you learn. it'll all get better. and remember, you are worth way more than you sell yourself for.
-sincerely, arielle.<3

Confused and Sorry | Reviewer: Sodacan | 7/14/09

My boyfriend broke up with me a little over three weeks ago. Today I sent him a forward on accident asking him about what song reminded him of me and this song was his reply. I listened to this song for the first time and instantly related to it. I still miss him to this day, but I know we can never be together again. This song has helped me get over him. Thanks Feist!

AU Dreams Fade | Reviewer: Chan Sze Man | 2/4/09

This is the first song that I thought about when I came to the conclusion that you and I wouldn't ever be Li Wai Nga. If you knew that people didn't give us a chance, why didn't you try a little harder? Why couldn't you have done a little better for the both of us? Now we face the "I told you so"s. I'll take it all like a man because it's an outcome that was predictable, but I didn't think would occur. I believed in you. I thought we would show them all.

How do you know when to let go? | Reviewer: Katie | 12/19/08

Once you've let yourself fall for someone and it takes a terrible turn, you begin to become in-denial thinking that there is still hope with the relationship.("It was hard to tell just how I felt To not recognize myself I started to fade away").
Then once you realize, you begin to regret the relationship altogether ("Don't you wish that we could forget that kiss..").

Personally, I try to take each relationship I have had as a learning experience; my past heartbreaks have all helped to mold my expections of what type of man I want. Yes, heartbreak is painful but the only way to really get through it is to find the positive.

Honestly, the hardest part for me is to recognize that it is over (me & my current bf are pretty passive individuals so neither one of us will initiate it). How do you know when to let go? When is enough, enough?? These are questions/delimas that I am currently struggling with...

surprise surprise not going through a break-up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

the song makes me look back again and think really hard what whas then and what is now. and now i'm pretty sure i'm starting to recognise myself and i know what i don't want. this song is like soft silk, so smooth and so peaceful. at least to me:) greetings from Poland!

I've been through all of you are talking about. | Reviewer: Jerika | 10/13/08

It gets better, I promise. This feeling may take hours, days, weeks, months, or even decades to get over. But you get over it. Humans get over everything.

They say if you love twice, it's the jackpot.
I just got out of my second first love. This song is helping me recoop.

LET IT DIE | Reviewer: Laura | 12/14/07

I think everyone can relate to this song, during a breakup. It's so sad and depressing yet it's how we all feel, and we can all relate to it. We cry through this song but we know now "what we don't want". Amazing.

Another breakup. . | Reviewer: El | 11/30/07

Its an awesome song..
my boyfriend broke up with me just over a week ago and i thought he was amazing.. i saw him the next day with another girl and this song just relates to how im feeling..
It still hurts but i just listen to this song and relate 2 it and i feel much better..

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