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Let it all out
get it all out
rip it out remove it
don't be alarmed
when the wound begins to bleed

cause we're so scared to find out
what this life's all about
so scared we're going to lose it
not knowing all along
that's exactly what we need

and today I will trust you with the confidence
of a man who's never known defeat
but tomorrow, upon hearing what I did
I will stare at you in disbelief
oh, inconsistent me
crying out for consistency

and you said I know that this will hurt
but if I don't break your heart then things will just get worse
If the burden seems too much to bear
the end will justify the pain it took to get us there

and I'll let it be known
at times I have shown
signs of all my weakness
but somewhere in me
there is strength

and you promise me
that you believe
in time I will defeat this
cause somewhere in me
there is strength

and today I will trust you with the confidence
of a man who's never known defeat
and I'll try my best to just forget
that that man isn't me

reach out to me
make my heart brand new
every beat will be for you
for you

and I know you know
you touched my life
when you touched my heavy heart and made it light

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TheFisherman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/12

"Let It All Out", is a song of pain, and sorrow. Real self inflicting sorrow. It's a song of repentance to God, honestly saying to God, that I am sorry for what I've done, please forgive my short comings.. Is this fun and enjoyable task? NO! like in the very first lines,

"Let it all out, get it all out (confessing your sin)"
"Rip it out remove it (Asking God to take away your sin)"
"Don't be alarmed when the wounds begin to bleed (You realize how much hurt and pain went into your sins, and how you almost hate yourself for it)"

If God left us hurting and feeling horrible about ourselves than this wouldn't be a hopeful song. But it is! God gives us HOPE!

"The end will justify the pain it took to get us there!" God says I know that this hurts but I have made you a new creation, and you will have life to the full! One day I will wipe away every tear from your eyes! I love you more than you can imagine.

Being transformed into His image | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/11

To me, this is about God shaping us into the image of His Son, but sometimes it's painful. We might have to lose friends or certain things we really enjoy that aren't necessarily bad but might be taking more of a priority than God is. And God says don't be alarmed when you bleed because it will heal, and the result will be far greater than you can even imagine. When I was listening to this song before I knew the lyrics I thought it said, "Don't be alone when the wounds begin to bleed," and that is also true. When you are going through trial you need strong Christian friends/family/mentors to lean on for support, but most of all trust in God. I really enjoyed what everyone else had to say about God taking us through life. I didn't get to read it all, but it just encouraged me to know that there are still people out there who love God. To God be the glory!

Let It All Out | Reviewer: Drew Baker | 6/30/11

For so long i thought this song was about a girl. I really think this song is about us being so trapped in sin and unable to repent without Gods grace causing us to. And how we just keep on Ib sin until God brings us low enough to deny ourselves and turn from our sins to God in repentance. To me this song is God encouraging us. That even though it hurts and you feel alone and helpless that this is what has to happen to make you hate your sin and love him.

Powerful words for Everyone | Reviewer: Susan | 5/24/11

The words in this song are so powerful. I believe it has a meaning for everyone. For me, it helps me get over regret and forgiving myself, letting go of pain and bad memories...Don't expect not to hurt, but also remember you become a better person from it. It just has sooo many meanings for me, and I think it can touch anyone and everyone's lives.
God bless you all, and remember...
it can only get better from here.

I can Relate | Reviewer: Stephanie | 8/9/10

Recently my first boyfriend broke up with me. I've been listening to breakup music, but this cd was hard for me to listen to, as he got me into Relient K. Once I was feeling a little better, I heard this song.

By heard this song I mean that I fully understood it for the first time. It was the picture of the mess I was. However, the line that everyone seems to pick up on "but if I don't break your heart, things will just get worse" stood out to me the most.

I care for him, but he stopped having feelings for me. If we had gone on,maybe they would have come back. But he wasn't willing to continue in a relationship. So, he broke up with me as opposed to possibly spending months with both of us unhappy. It felt like he was talking to me, reminding me that it hurts now, but it is keeping things from getting worse. Even though my heart is in pieces, one day it will heal and we can be friends.

The friend I thought I could never be was the friend she sought... | Reviewer: Thareous33 | 6/19/10

About three years ago I met this girl. She really got in my head and...gradually...I came to love her. For the first few weeks we talked and joked as any friends were capable. Then she started to notice a pattern of me staring at her in a weird way. She distanced herself from me more and more. And the fact that I confessed my crush to a group of buddies only worsened this.

Recently she started liking this guy, a cousin of her best friend. During that time I was bitter and feeling betrayed. I thought she was trying to torment me. But no--she only looked for a life that would make her happy, not me, not myself. It took forever for me to realize that and see what I was doing, then repent.

I repented all right. At a basketball game for our JV--right in front of her. I cried and mainly blubbered my explanations for trying to take her all this time. And I remembered that I had given my life to a different love years before she had come--to God. This song reminds me of this and is the mediator in which me and that special young lady can forevermore be friends without fear, for we have a Father who watched us.

this song is about... | Reviewer: xxemogirlxx | 2/17/10

to me this song is all about hurting urself i am a cutter hav been 4 a while and this song is really about cutting urself the 1st part is how wen u cut urself ur letting it all out the 2nd part is a reason 4 cuttin urself the 3rd part is wen u get the courage 2 tel someone

Andrew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/10

This song breathes hope, this song is about putting hope in the Lord when you have nothing left. I was in love with a girl, but she broke up with me because the sin that that i don't have victory over fed into our relationship and i was not being the man of God she needed. I needed her to break my heart to wake me up. God used her to break me, to humble me and show me the depth of depravity that my heart had reached. I love this song, it is hope for my heart that my Lord will sustain me in my time of hurt, that i will prevail, that i will be victorious over my addiction, he has promised to restore me by his word and clothe me with His righteousness.

response | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

it's talking about, how we might not see the bad as good. that we are going to go through hard times, the things we don't want to go through. but the last line "the end will justify the pain it took to get us there", is saying in the end, it gets better. that jesus heals all, and always will, that we have the stregnth to get through this, and how God will make our heart brand new.

No-name | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/09

I really dont understand why everybody feels so much hope when listening to this song. It makes me cry. It reminds me of the relationship that a should end but really desperately dont want to. "I know that this will hurt, but if i don't break your heart things will just get worse"??
How is that hopeful i ask!? It's the saddest song i have at the moment.. hopeful my arse.

Mmmhmm | Reviewer: Casey | 4/14/09

Every word is so true.
We have to find the strength to stand up for what we have done, and confess. Even if it mean breaking hearts, for if we dont, it will just get worse. For us, for our loved ones and especially our relationship with god.
I used to be such a strong christian, and i can only read my old poetry and diary entries with envy in my heart.
My stupid actions have torn me apart.

Get it all out | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/23/09

Well I have alot to say about this song because it brings so much hope to me. Recently I have had a rough patch in my walk with Christ and it was difficult because I didn't realize it untill I was desprite. I got upset and I pretty much told God that I was doing everything I could and I got mad and turned on my Ipod..it was on shuffle and up comes this song. I was suddenly overwhelmingly convicted. I hadn't been "letting it all out" I didn't know it but God reminded me of a part of my life that I had tried to hide and the insecurities I felt and he let me know that in order for true healing to ever come I had to "let it all out" the part that says "don't be alarmed when the wound begins to bleed" it was tough on me because I had been doing everything I could to not let it bleed but again in order for healing to come you have to let it bleed...and it stands true in my life right now God had to break my heart in order for him to find myself on my knees like he calls his children to do. and in the end though I had to let go of everything and though it will cause pain because not only did I have to give the things to God but I have to deal with them now his way and that is painful but "the end will justify the pain it takes to get us there" this song is an amazing song for someone who is broken and brings so much hope letting you know it won't always be this way. we have to be weak and broken before we can become strong in Christ... well that is what this song shared to me and I also agree with all of the reviews I have read before mine and I think it is awesome that God can let us get different things out of this song depending on what we need at that moment...I hope that this brings hope to anyone who can relate to me..let the wound bleed so that there will be healing!

Our Song | Reviewer: God's Daughter | 2/20/08

This song is precious to my heart. It is my favorite song... Especially since it has so much meaning for me. This my song that i share with one of my closest and dearest friends. He doesn't know it... but I still love him. This song reminds me of him. I definetly let it all out... to my best friend... who loved him first. So i need to mend my broken heart! This song gives me HOPE! I love you! Though i hope you never read it! Thanks for all the good times we've had, and what are yet to come! You help let go... Just to grab on alot stronger! FROVE!!!!!

the heart of worship | Reviewer: Candace | 10/30/07

I love this song so much. It has been definatley a song to fall back on in troubled times. I recentley went through a hard time, my heart was shattered into a million pieces but I listened the this and and when they say:
And you said "I know that this will hurt (I know this will hurt)
but if I don't break your heart, then things will just get worse. (things will get much worse)
When the burden seems too much to bear, (seems too much to bear)
remember, the end will justify the pain it took to get us there."
That part like just stuck with me. I was like you know what. That is so true. I may feel screwed over and everything but no matter how hard i try to run from it, God is always there for me. He has eveything planned and loves me like no other and wants the absolute best for me. Things have been so much better since this realization hit.

Dying to Self | Reviewer: Daryl | 9/28/07

This song is wonderful. A godless life is inconsistent, just as he talks about in the song.

He talks about God's promise to us that He will give us the strength to overcome.

But I think the best lyric in the song is where he says, "The end will justify the pain it took to get us there."
It's beautiful. And a reminder that we're not alone on the righteous path. "To get US there" gives me the image of Jesus taking my hand, and walking with me every step of the way.

My brothers and sisters, most assuredly I say to you, God's love is a beautiful thing.

May the Lord bless you all.

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