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Elvis Costello Let Him Dangle Lyrics

Last updated: 08/24/2011 11:00:00 AM

Bentley said to Craig "Let him have it Chris"
They still don't know today just what he meant
by this
Craig fired the pistol, but was too young to swing
So the police took Bentley and the very next thing
Let him dangle
Let him dangle
Bentley had surrendered, he was under arrest,
when he gave Chris Craig that fatal request
Craig shot Sidney Miles, he took Bentley's word
The prosecution claimed as they charged them
with murder
Let him dangle
Let him dangle

They say Derek Bentley was easily led
Well what's that to the woman that Sidney
Miles wed
Though guilty was the verdict, and Craig had
shot him dead
The gallows were for Bentley and still she
never said
Let him dangle
Let him dangle

Well it's hard to imagine it's the times that
have changed
When there's a murder in the kitchen that is
brutal and strange
If killing anybody is a terrible crime
Why does this bloodthirsty chorus come round
from time to time
Let him dangle

Not many people thought that Bentley would
But the word never came, the phone never rang
Outside Wandsworth Prison there was horror
and hate
As the hangman shook Bentley's hand to
calculate his weight
Let him dangle

From a welfare state to society murder
Bring "back the noose" is always heard
Whenever those swine are under attack
But it won't make you even
It won't bring him back

Let him dangle
Let him dangle (String him up)

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what you feel my haert tue | Reviewer: Annmaree | 8/24/11

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the lyrics | Reviewer: Pete Gonsalves | 8/4/08

Though the lyrics clearly are in opposition to the death penalty, due to the title... many view it as a song in favor of it. Though it is generally believed that Craig shot and killed Constable Miles, it is possible that Miles was in fact killed by a bullet fired from another Constable's revolver. The bullet itself was never recovered, but the estimated caliber taken from the entry wound to Miles' head never matched the caliber of Craig's revolver. It did match the caliber of the revolvers issued to the Constable's who responded to the incident. This is just another instance of blurred evidence utilized to convict in a capital punishment case. The posthumous pardon only validates this song's opposition to the death penalty.

Let Him Dangle by Elvis Costello - Review | Reviewer: Brian Gazbo | 4/24/07

"Let Him Dangle" tells a true story and is a song opposing the death penalty. An educationally sub-normal 18 year old, Derek Bentley had been apprehended by police during a minor robbery. His 16 year old partner, Chris Craig produced a gun and pointed it at Sidney Miles, a policeman. Bentley reportedly said to Craig "Let him have it, Chris". Craig shot and killed the policeman. Bentley was found guilty of murder and hanged, the ambiguous expression being considered an incitement. Craig was jailed - too young to be hanged. Bentley received a posthumous pardon. See this link.
Brilliant song. Passionate performance.