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Many people ask how we started so here's a BRIEF page or so
on how we started the band and who the members were past
and present. Yeah, there's a lot left out but we'll leave
that for some updates in the future.

Some of the names have been changed to protect the

When you first start a band you never really think that
it's going to get heard by anyone outside your small group
of friends and the practice space walls. We thought the
same exact thing. Chris and I started playing in a
different band when we were both in high More...

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Review about Less Than Jake songs
Big Help | Reviewer: Jake
    ------ About the song Jump performed by Less Than Jake

I was listening to random music at home because of a breakup with my girlfriend of three years. A lot of the music was just making it worse, but then this song came on, and suddenly, it all just suddenly fit for me.

I know, that's probably strange, but the beauty of music is a song about something completely different can relate to your own case and make you feel so much better.

Still obviously sad about the breakup, but somehow, I know thanks to this song that I just have to push forward, and I can't let this thing hold me back.

I guess you could say I need to "Step to the edge, and take the jump."

Where have these guys been all my life? | Reviewer: Mr. Superfluous
    ------ About the song The Science of Selling Yourself Short performed by Less Than Jake

My friend told me about a band called Less Than Jake, knowing I was a ska punk fan. I heard a couple songs and was very impressed with what I heard, ESPECIALLY with this song. This song is so meaningful, I feel, and done so well. I've been listening to this song nonstop all day, probably I would say 100 times without exaggeration.

Sex overrated? | Reviewer: Riaan
    ------ About the song Overrated performed by Less Than Jake

Huh? Sex overrated? He's either not doing it right or is just taking the p**s, being ironic or whatever.

Great song, very catchy and definitely one LTJ song I keep going back to. The video is hilarious and just as much fun to watch as I'm sure it was to make.

Forgiveness | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rest Of My Life performed by Less Than Jake

I think this song is how when you're saying goodbye for the last time, you remember all the things you should've done and the things you regret. Its like a final farewell and he's voicing his last regrets

This song made my year by the way.

LOVE IT!!! | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song All My Best Friends Are Metalheads performed by Less Than Jake

I learned about this song from "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4." And I love it. Too bad that people don't make this kind of music anymore; they're afraid to be against mainstream, so nobody makes this anymore. Less Than Jake is an example of a band that's not afraid to go against mainstream.

If you haven't heard this song (or this band in general), they're worth a listen. Definitely. Less Than Jake is revolutionary, and you definitely need to check these guys out. They're awesome. They aren't afraid to be themselves. I love these guys as people, and their music.

Awesome | Reviewer: Y-KiLL
    ------ About the song The Science of Selling Yourself Short performed by Less Than Jake

i've been a LTJ fan for over 15 years and this is just going to show you that they are still amazing. i love this song it makes so much sense to me the people who dont know anything about them need to stfu cause they know nothing. look closely at all theyre lyrics they about drinking and drugs i can really relate becuase that was bad when i was a teen heroin and drinking

Since the beginning.... lolz | Reviewer: Guy
    ------ About the song The Science of Selling Yourself Short performed by Less Than Jake

First off, epic song. It's not just about teens, it's about anyone who has fucked up in their life for whatever reason, although I did listen to it a lot as a teenager.
But to say "I've been a fan since the beginning and..." is totally pretentious and elitist. It doesn't make a damn bit of difference how long you've liked the band man, it only matters how much you like them and how much they mean to you. That's a better fan than someone who disapproves of people who haven't been fans as long as they have.
Sorry for the rant, but it had to be said.

Al's War | Reviewer: TheSkaPunk
    ------ About the song Al's War performed by Less Than Jake

Great song, easily one of the best off of the entire album. Ignore the fucktarded dumbshit who posted before me; Hello Rockview is a great album. This song, to me, at least, speaks about a guy who finally realized just how little he's done with his life.. and tries to change it. 'Course, that's just me.

I'm pretty sure... | Reviewer: Brian
    ------ About the song A Still Life Franchise performed by Less Than Jake

I'm pretty sure that he says "I remember when I fanned the flames to the ends of this abnormal scene", not "I remember when I found the place to the ends to list that normal scene"...that doesn't even make any sense

emerson leigh | Reviewer: skip eubank
    ------ About the song Hamburger Hop performed by Less Than Jake

my great uncle,emerson leigh recorded this song back in the 50s on a 78rpm record-all the family members had a copy-not too many copies left-emerson was a dj and program director at wlbn lebanon,ky.-would love to get a copy of emersons version.

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