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Pacifier / Shihad Leo Song Lyrics

Last updated: 10/24/2002 02:04:56 AM

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You are so majestic, so skillful
in the way that you make me sick
You are the perfect one
the only one for you

And now even though that it's true
still see a lot of myself in you
and now even though that it's true
it's only 'cause i'm a leo

it's so oh oh overly strange
i'm a rebel in my brain
but i'm just a midget
when it comes to being saved
beware little girl
your oh so cool clubs
could be passing judgement on you
you're so exclusive
so elusive
that you're not quite human

and now even though that is true
what else could a lost girl do
and now even though that is true
it's probably 'cause you're a leo

thank you so much for the conversation
i guess i'll be leaving now
thank you for the words of inspiration
i guess i'll be going

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