Lenny Kravitz Lyrics

BORN: May 26, 1964, New York, NY

On his new album, Lenny Kravitz digs deep, goes long and
hangs tough to discover…himself.

It's no fluke that his lng-awaited sixth album is titled,
simply, Lenny. Written, produced, arranged and performed by
rock and roll's quintessential renaissance man, these
twelve astonishing tracks are the most innovative,
iconoclastic and involving offerings of a career marked by
uncompromising creative integrity. On his first collection
of new, original material since 1998's breakthrough
Grammy-winner 5 and More...

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Review about Lenny Kravitz songs
Can`t get ya off my mind 11/23/14 | Reviewer: Evelia
    ------ About the song Can't Get You Off My Mind performed by Lenny Kravitz

Hi I`m Evelia e-v-e-lee-u I love this song Lenny Kravitz is creative and fun.This song is all about her and her boyfriend and he long gone but she wants to get him back. So bye bye

That one speacial guy | Reviewer: Alexandria Davis
    ------ About the song Again performed by Lenny Kravitz

This one guy name vaugn I had met on facebook well I was already with someone but I had fell in love with this guy I don't know how or why it just happened he was so eager to meet me well we talked so much until I had the courage to actually meet him we were only friends but I didn't expect anything serious just mess around when I was already with someone else ..I saw him outside my window I was all scared and soo surprised we went to his house an I met his grandma an his dad He told me his mother was murdered I felt bad for him but I wanted to show him that I cared soo much for him .. anyways we ended up sleeping together and that's when I saw something in him we did this for a while probably 3 days and then he finally popped the question an asked me to be his girlfriend and I had broke up with my boyfriend to just be with vaugn I was very happy then It was awkward because the relation started going no where he went to another school an we lived so far away from each other.I really wanted to be with him every day but it didn't go as planned ..it made me sad cus we both confronted to each other that we both knew that it wasn't going to go anywhere even though we both wanted it too.. It made me sad but he gave me his jacket to remember him I still have it and it still has his smell when I had been in his arms I still cry because we now don't talk anymore and im afraid I will never see him again or it will never be the same, and I just want him to know Im always going to be there for you vaugn I love you and there will always be a place for you in my heart I hope we meet again.

Going My Way with Bing Crosby. | Reviewer: Dr. Kas- Mohammed
    ------ About the song Are You Gonna Go My Way performed by Lenny Kravitz

This is best earlier movie that I have seen; many, many moons ago. I was about 8-10 years old. When asked, "What is the capital of the USA? I will say, "Hollywood" Even though I was a British citizen then. I marveled at the USA for Movies' Production. The voice of Bing Crosby brought inspiration to me.

See you. Again. | Reviewer: M
    ------ About the song Again performed by Lenny Kravitz

I met this guy 5 years ago, we dated for a while but it did not flourish (because of immaturity and pride)and we stopped seeing each other. After a year, I got into a new relationship, it was fun and all but I always ended up thinking of that guy. Although, we dont see each other, I still keep him within my radar so I know what he'd been doing. He didnt have a gf after me. Last year, we kind of reconnected, though I really wanted to see him again, I refused his offer, because I am in a 4 year and serious relationship and I know seeing him would make me fall hard again. I kept on replying to his messages and I really missed him but things are not the same as before. We had our chance and blew it. We stopped exchanging messages, and I heard he's with another girl and it's pretty serious since he already introduced her to his family. I know I should not feel jealous but I dont know. This song reminds me of him. I love my bf so much, but there are these times that it hits me so bad..

lonely and sad | Reviewer: brandy
    ------ About the song Again performed by Lenny Kravitz

theres this man that i think completes me and hes married and he lives a stone throw away from me which makes things even harder to know hes right there and he cant be with me..... i walk around my property all night morning for him and no other can take his place i tried they dont fill in the gap... i want to spend eternity with him. he once said if things were different we would be perfect for each other.... hes my tent peg the one that keeps me grounded in love... God plays cruel jokes

Again lyrics | Reviewer: chika
    ------ About the song Again performed by Lenny Kravitz

i notice this song on my hubby profile, ones i didn't really notice what this song tell about. But after i read his quote for this song that sound very sad, and finally heard and read each of the words on that lyrics. That moment i realize he's missing someone very badly, his past love that will always stay in his heart. sigh...is sad to know that our couple just feel stuck with us, he's not happy with me and he's obviously lossing his very special one while i thought that he is happy with me and love me but i guess i'm wrong

PM :) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Again performed by Lenny Kravitz

It was a busy schedule for my five (5) days field validation at the office...One day,me with my boss went to a place where i never been before. A guy keep on staring at me, and this make me feel conscious...that guy was an engineer assigned on that area. As we go home with my boss this guy have a ride with us. It takes four (4) hours to arrive. During the travel home, he sited beside me..my heart beats so fast but i just ignored it. in the middle of the travel, i fall asleep and find my self when i woke up on his shoulder. When we arrived, we go home separately...a few days later i realized that i like him..until now, i keep on searching for him,. i just wonder when could i found him.. :(

    ------ About the song Can't Get You Off My Mind performed by Lenny Kravitz

I never thought this would happen to me...I've got a happy marriage, and two lovely kids....but somehow it happened....I met HIM....we're like two halfs of an apple....I thought I was happy until I knew that happiness looks like...simply other.

this song is all about me. I don't know what to do. to have a life I live in, and to have a dream I run to every single moment I can...

soon I go insane. no one around me knows. no one around me deserves it. neither my man, nor my children. I sink in my thoughts!!!! can anyone help me?!

You found a movie, I found a song | Reviewer: YourEliseInBrookByTheSea
    ------ About the song Can't Get You Off My Mind performed by Lenny Kravitz

To my politician, this pretty much sums it up. I don't want to "make" you do anything, I want you to come on your own... I try to wait even as lonely as I am, but I wonder if I'm waiting for nothing... We found each other at all the wrong times, just waiting for our time now. I hop from path to path looking for the right one, maybe its you that needs to hop. I do still love you, I told you that would never change.

    ------ About the song Again performed by Lenny Kravitz

when I first saw his picture on a social networking my heart to tremble and say .. "oh god this is my fiance who had been through life", but the long distances and relationships come and go sometimes forced me to say this is not possible to proceed, and in the end I knew he had a boyfriend but deep down inside I know he feel what I feel, feelings that want to be with me .. I miss you..hear songs that I created for you - want to meet you (AA 04-09 -1982)

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