Lenka Albums

  • Shadows Album (6/4/2013)
    Nothing Here But Love
    Faster With You
    Heart To The Party
    After The Winter
    Find A Way To You
    No Harm Tonight
    Two Heartbeats
    The Top Of Memory Lane

  • Two Album (4/19/2011)
    Heart Skips A Beat
    Roll With The Punches
    Sad Song
    Everything At Once
    Blinded By Love
    Here To Stay
    You Will Be Mine
    Shock Me Into Love
    Everything's Okay
    End Of The World
    Maybe I Love You
    Wrote Me Out

  • Lenka Album (9/23/2008)
    The Show
    Bring Me Down
    Don't Let Me Fall
    Anything I'm Not
    Knock Knock
    Dangerous And Sweet
    Trouble Is A Friend
    Live Like You're Dying
    Like A Song
    We Will Not Grow Old

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