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August 17, 1980 was a very special day in the Pedersen
household as Lene was born. Her parents gave her the name
Lene Marlin Pedersen, today the world knows her better as
Lene Marlin. Her parents must have sensed something
special about Lene as she grew, in fact Lene tells the
story of being two years old and crying because she had to
leave a guitar behind at the music store. She attributes
some of her love for music and playing the guitar to that
day as she found a deep interest in music, both in writing
songs and singing. When More...

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Review about Lene Marlin songs
Paradise for those who seek it | Reviewer: ALI TALHA
    ------ About the song A Place Nearby performed by Lene Marlin

Heaven or paradise is a place nearby. I just have to wait for the day when my eternal soul leaves my body and joins you forever. Heaven is nearby because the this life is short and time is moving so fast and soon I will end up in heaven with you. In fact, the ones we truly love are never away from us because they are the nearest to our hearts. When it comes to emotions, separation can't be measured in terms of distance.

Familiar | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Unforgivable Sinner performed by Lene Marlin

This song is about love that was bigger than anything else, but it failed and they broke up because of she had to obey rules and stay with her family. Allthough it broke her heart and she could not even touch other guys after that. She became some kind of religious and decided to dedicate her life to religious acts. Maybe she became a nun? And the guy knows he sented her to hell, and ot will broke his heart also.

kayla | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Place Nearby performed by Lene Marlin

this kind of song makes me remind a special reminicense in my life emotionally,since i was a brokenhearted girl.I always played it and it kept my heart significant. Those days i heard A PLACED NEARBY song i stayed relax.:)

You know where you've sent her | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Unforgivable Sinner performed by Lene Marlin

It's about a young girl who is filled with sorrow by the decision she made to abort her child (You know where you've sent her... now she's up there sings like an angel). She failed to keep the child although she tried, she ultimately couldn't (You hope she knows you tried)

But for this young girl the guilt is so overwhelming that her whole life has come to be defined by it (Kinda lose your sense of time...Follows you around all day...You've been walking around in tears...You won't ever be the same) and she feels like she committed something truly unholy and which she can never be free from (Unforgivable Sinner)

And how she so longs to see her child ('Cause between this world and eternity There is a face you hope to see)

Joy4god 7/2/2013. | Reviewer: Joy Esitmbom Udom
    ------ About the song A Place Nearby performed by Lene Marlin

Lene Marlin is a Lady with a very tender voice which i love her songs so much especialy this 'A heaven is a place nearby'. And it's a song i likely used as my ringing tune. May God bless her where ever she is.....

so sad so hot & so cold | Reviewer: Mohammed Abdmunaf
    ------ About the song A Place Nearby performed by Lene Marlin

its avery sad song and she damned sing it with asad voice sad way it makes me cry i like it i love it all emoticons all feelings became hot or cold i dont know it tooks me out of my mind i lose control i love it

A very sad song | Reviewer: Tricia
    ------ About the song A Place Nearby performed by Lene Marlin

This song is very beautiful... Like right now im brokenhearted and whenever i hear this song i put myself in the song, and i wonder what will happen if i died! Me and my bf had a fight and i feel like what if i had an accident and then he didnt know what happened to me... Thats kinda sad i keep on playing this song over and over while im driving to nowhere!!! Its such a very wonderful song...
I love it!

What an emotional song! | Reviewer: Humane
    ------ About the song A Place Nearby performed by Lene Marlin

This song always makes me loose more tears, it makes me remember a place i have never been at, takes me to emotional hights i have never been on, Ladies like Lene Marlin are required for special moments of thinking in this life.

sweetest song | Reviewer: Faldano Archin Turang
    ------ About the song Disguise performed by Lene Marlin

actually i heard this song when i watch a drama from taiwan.
it's the soundtrack of that drama.. about 9 years ago.
this song makes me wanna fly into the sky when i listened it.
i like to listen this song till now.
this song could melt any sense of inexpressible.
when i'm happy or sad, i listened this song.
well, if you feel the same, please contact me on my email> faldanoarchin.turang@yahoo.com or facebook> Faldano Archin Turang.

stupidity | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Flown Away performed by Lene Marlin

i am saying this here because this is one of the song i like very much are you guys stupid why must we wait for some time to see the lyrics we like.... we can get it from hundreds of other websites you will only lose your visitors

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