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Farewell To Freeway Lemmings Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2008 12:00:00 PM

Awake, with a warm sweat pouring over me.
How great it is to feel that you're alive!
I'm no hero; I'm just trying to play the role.
But, I will never forget that night they stood in line on the bridge
to fulfill their purpose and we were right on time.
And in the storms full rage, let the bodies rain.
And we could only keep moving forward, and your face is blurred.
Meanwhile, she sleeps with her own dreams
and never stirs, and never wakes.
Will I ever make it to see the point?
The storm sounds so real as the tires squeal
and the bodies rain down on us.
Lost, I've lost myself in all of this.
The world I knew before no longer exists.
I see the point to be the record of this tragedy.
Glass shatters, mind open wide.
Mind wonders, open your eyes.
Glass shatters, mind wonders, OPEN YOUR EYES.
And I awoke just before I died.