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Less than a year ago, Lemar Obika’s hopes of making it as a
singer seemed to be dead in the water. Having actually
achieved his ambition of securing a record deal with a
major record label, the twenty five year old singer’s dream
suddenly turned to dust when, before even getting a record
out, his contract was cancelled: a victim of internal
changes at the label.

This was a cruel blow for the twenty five year old
Tottenham born singer who had spent nearly seven years
building his reputation on the London R&B scene: performing More...

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Review about Lemar songs
I love this song with all my heart;( | Reviewer: THEMBISA MATUNDA
    ------ About the song Time To Grow performed by Lemar

This song is so sad because it remind me of my friends, we used to sing this song and now we are not together anymore so the more iam listening to it the more all memories comes back and i will always cherish every moments i spend with them together.....#tearing

time to grow | Reviewer: Divina deaquino
    ------ About the song Time To Grow performed by Lemar

i love this song very much this what i feelwhen i love some one cant love me back am trying to do anything for him am begging even one try to love me little but cant,now he really gone its really sad but we need to accept

creme de la creme | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Time To Grow performed by Lemar

A song is only a song when its lyrical content has a practical influence
on listeners.its makes it relatable.to me dis song has always been one
Of the very best of..ALL..........TIME.I..soo...much...love...dis...song.it..drives...ma...soul...wid...memories.

damm | Reviewer: alesia
    ------ About the song Someone Should Tell you performed by Lemar

I love this tune really. As soon as I ear the beat I feel as if I am in love and that maybe these words are only for me. Come on ladies it had to be me who else. Thank you Lemar.

Mayday | Reviewer: Baganaa
    ------ About the song Mayday performed by Lemar

I mean this song is very exciting. It just amazing. Lemar is a best singer in the world for me. So I think he sings from deep of heart. So, when I listen to Mayday I miss my old flame. It almost tell about me.

amazing | Reviewer: ellie
    ------ About the song Another Day performed by Lemar

i love this songg. its got so many reasons to it, it reminds me of my boyfriend of three years, i was stupid though.
ive got it on my ipod, phone, psp, itunes, everythingg, its amazingg! i love it so much ! :)

Simplest things are what matters the greatest... | Reviewer: Darbus
    ------ About the song What About Love? performed by Lemar

Power, money and selfishness often cause us to smirk and dismiss emotions and compassion. Yet at the end of the day, surrounded by things you have bought and checking your bank balance doesn't beat the feeling of coming home to someones arms.

someone should tell you | Reviewer: moussa
    ------ About the song Someone Should Tell you performed by Lemar

i like this song so much , and i send it to my love julie , and i want to aske ,if there is someone should tell her how much i love her...i love i love i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,xxx

Good Song | Reviewer: Danielle
    ------ About the song Someone Should Tell you performed by Lemar

I Like This Song It related to me veri well && U Girls Above You Think U No How Much It Hurts When A Lad Is Either Dumped Ya Or Messin Ya About Try Going Threw It 45 Times B'cuz I Have And I Will Always Be Heartbroken Untill My Mr Right Comes Along x x x

!mmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If There's Any Justice performed by Lemar

love the song.if there was any justice in the world i would have been with the guy i fancied in college.."rob" thats the only thing i know about him.......and he did maths art and physics... i never check this website so if the rob im lookin for reads this and has the same feeling let me know email me: bsg_bsg_bsg@yahoo.com

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