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In 1990, at Humanities high-school, in N.Y.C., Alec Shaheed
Mohamed, a young politically active black youth, happened
to have some of the same classes with a boy they now call
the Stza (pronounced Stizza). They shared not only a love
for punk & ska music, but also an intense hatred of white
people and their pathetic milk-drinking, Gap-wearing,
R.E.M.-listening, 90210 watching culture. Alec played bass
& the Stza played guitar and sang, so they decided to
join-up and play some music together. Eventually they got a
drummer & another More...

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This song holds very dear to me (warning:contains some logical? venting) | Reviewer: TruePunkGirl
    ------ About the song Gang Control performed by Leftover Crack

This song is literally one of many true punk songs that influenced my decision not too vote because why the fuck am I gonna help turn this world topsy turvy? I love how I say that as if the world isn't already shit. I'm sure Sid Vicious would be damn proud of LoC and other true punk bands not these media trained monkeys who are more emo than punk. Lyrically, instrumentally, politically these new age(hate to say it) 'punk' bands don't have shit on LoC and other actual stick to the roots punk bands. Sorry for the venting, people just piss me off so much. FUCK THE POLICE (FUCK THE GOVERNMENT)

Why won't the police just let people be? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Operation: M.O.V.E. performed by Leftover Crack

It's so frustrating to hear about events like the ones that happened to the M.O.V.E. movement. The police harass and bully people who try to live in a manner that is different from one of wasteful consumption and blind acquiescence to corporate feudalism and wage slavery, and then escalate matters when the people they are harassing attempt to protect themselves and fight back against their oppressors. They brand the oppressed terrorists and instigators when it is the police themselves who used terror tactics in an attempt to bully the people into conforming to a life style deemed acceptable by the masters of the free market exploitation establishment, and the police who continuously escalated events by attempting to displace the African family and brutally assaulting their members before and after the police themselves killed one of their own with their irresponsible use of deadly force.

Anyone interested in the M.O.V.E. community should watch the 2013 documentary "Let the Fire Burn," which chronicles the history of the movement's repeated clashes with police and the 1985 fire that killed 11 of its members.

You will change your tune! | Reviewer: anonymus
    ------ About the song Genocidal Tendencies performed by Leftover Crack

through violent conditioning, passive eyes and comfy seats, and of course the quick change clicker for disturbing material, a dying world Is steadily closing in on us. Wake up and smell the blood. It's the little dog that's nipping at all of our heels - The murderer looks less like the typical thug that we are all taught to avoid and fear, and more like the fathers, bosses, co- workers, lovers, lawyers and the like . Guns left unattended at the disposal of hands of curious children. Jealous rages are handled the same way they are on our favorite c.s.i. Couches are breeding grounds for indifference and obscene ideologies.

Rock the 40 W a lighter | Reviewer: Priya Warcry
    ------ About the song Rock The 40 Oz. performed by Leftover Crack

If a Martian from mars heard this song a thousand light years from now s/he may connect "shoot the kids at school" to all the shootings that actually took place at schools across the United States in a heavily armed society. This song has a cultural reference to a unique American cultural phenomenon called "gun culture". Did you get all that Martian? No, of course it isn't supposed to make sense. But yes, Stza is quite expressive & creative & passionate as poets are....

    ------ About the song Born To Die performed by Leftover Crack

Oh yeah and I THINK I'm the original critic of the fireworks, glass, etc.
I've been in more pits than you (an assumption due to 20 years of doing it...) and you don't want glass or fireworks, you want bodies and their own particular harms. You DO want to feel like going crazy, obviously, but if you qualify a good punk show or moshpit by the extremes of physical harm... well, you must have a sheltered life and seek excitement or something. Some of us have enough injuries and have seen enough real shit in our lives to NOT want ridiculous shit at shows. Ridiculous energy levels, bouncing, moshing, skanking, yes. Hurting innocent people who are into the same rare genre as you? No. But I don't think that was even what was happening in the original post. Pretty pathetic that people can neither READ accurately, nor get beyond knee-jerk reactions (myself included, in the original comment)... Wakey wakey, unity doesn't start with violence towards each other, nor in petty in-fighting... /endeththesermon

    ------ About the song Born To Die performed by Leftover Crack

"Love it. | Reviewer: FilthAndFury92 | 6/23/07

Leftover Crack and Choking Victim are GODS."

No, no human is a god... but unlike some, they DO qualify as MEN (not boys, pussy bitches or ass-kissers like many males and females alike on this planet).

"Who gives a fuck about where and who started punk rock? "

Exactly. This compares to some wanker history of art geeks (for example of what the Royals in the UK study...) arguing about who came first, when all the art is housed in huge mansions on stolen land (hundreds of years hence is still 'stolen'!). Way to miss the point.

I understand that this band inspires passions indeed. Do something useful and full of freedom with that energy, mate.
I love this band because they are one of the only ones I've ever heard in my long time on this Earth, that spoke for me and against the nascent/latent fascism in the majority... and they do it in STYLE, without compromise.

THIS is what freedom of speech was invented to say - the truth, the truth that the creators of said truth who shit all over innocents, are too damn childish to face!

THAT's why LoC are men, not boys (associated female contributors appreciated too; unity!)

If it can bring feelings into the likes of MY cold heart and animate the likes of MY decaying carcass, then it's gotta be powerful stuff.

skinhead | Reviewer: fucko
    ------ About the song Crack City Rockers performed by Leftover Crack

They said skinhead On the version released on the give em the boot compilation put out on hellcat records in 1999. They changed a lot of the imagery and content of their album before hellcat would release it.

yehhh morons | Reviewer: lee
    ------ About the song Born To Die performed by Leftover Crack

look you fuckin dickheads..what I cant believe is your even discusin it.i grew up listening to indie(happy Mondays+stone roses)+ punk in the uk when it was around.you fuckers aint got a clue about what punk is.... every comment ive read makes me wanna puke..you lot aint punk..be ashamed ya cunts!

'None are more hopelessly enslaved... | Reviewer: Assburgers sucks
    ------ About the song Gang Control performed by Leftover Crack

... than those who falsely believe they are free.'
Testing that freedom is crucial. Police are the enforcers of its boundaries.
LoC are the kinds of people who test freedom of speech and action. This is a good thing.

I've been through a lot of shit for being different (born this way) not for being unethical, offensive or anything rational to criticise. Throughout my lonely life, these experiences made me reflect privately on the massive injustice pervasive in society, the fascism of the group/ herd mentality and the fact that this ranges from kids in school all the way through to the unenlightened, uneducated big kids egos you constantly find in power. Or with a badge and a gun. It's the same in the UK. Police are corrupt, even if they don't know it themselves!

When I hear LoC I feel like I'm in the company of friends, for once. They get it.

STI!!! | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Operation: M.O.V.E. performed by Leftover Crack

This song gives me chills every time, perfect in every way. It just blows my mind how little people know and/or care about the injustices committed by those meant to protect us; both here and abroad.

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