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Gorillaz Left Hand Suzuki Method Lyrics

Last updated: 06/16/2011 11:00:00 AM

Feel the impact!

Katei de mai-nichi
Gakushu-you no *record* wo kikase,
Ongaku-teki *sense* wo takameru.
Sensoo sou ii kedo
Sou inyo to demo.

The most important thing, is listening the recording of the music.
It makes them get um musical sense - and, uh - this is the point of the... fast progress!

*Tunization* wo mai-nichi *lesson* shido shite,
Oto wo rippa ni sodateru.

And also, everyday, every lesson
We have to make sure
They're not lying about tunization!

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Name of the tune played by the violin and piano | Reviewer: Kaiser | 6/16/11

the name of the song the violin and piano plays sounds to me like a song from the 40s called dont sit under the apple tree... i heard it by the andrew sisters ( no one today knows who they are, or what the 1940s is..) i dont know how accurate it is played but i do love the song... WOOT WOOT!

transalate | Reviewer: JIxy | 7/26/10

i went on google trans and copied the first part into it english - japanese then copied that text and transalated it back to english so im guessing this is a rough transalation?

The family is de Mai - daily
Lifelong Learning - * records * Your aim will listen,
Music - teki * sense * Aiming takameru.
Sensoo sou left two Kedo
'm Suinyo demo.

lol :} love gorillaz :) noodle kicks ass :P x

Repeat! | Reviewer: LHSM | 4/30/10

I <3 this song! I like the part when Noodle was talking in Japanese and also the violin part! XD I even repeated this song all over and over and over again, stuck on repeat....haha, love this song! It's my favourite! XD I <3 GORILLAZ!!! XD

Some Explanation | Reviewer: Tilde | 8/20/08

I'm not sure what the overall meaning of the song is , if anything, but the japanese lyrics are just the japanese version of the english words Noodle is saying. I was actually trained in the left hand suzuki method of violin schooling, so I remember they used to have little notes like this in the books, first in Japanese and then in English, German, French, other languages... The song is called 'Long, Long Ago' - it's an early easy song they teach to beginners, and the second version of it is a slightly more advanced variation on it.

Needless to say, when I first heard this song years after I stopped learning Suzuki violin, I was surprised and delighted. ;)

Simply Brillant | Reviewer: Gorillaz Fan | 7/5/07

Few words , great musice and a whole lot of meaning! That's what you get when you listen to any Gorillaz song! I love this one it just kind of grabs you and won't let go. Very cool to have all the lyrics in both languages. Gorillaz rule go Noodle and Miho Hatori ;0)

i found the lyrics | Reviewer: rob | 7/4/07

it turns out on my CD the song after the 4 minutes or so of silence is Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Refix), or at least that's the title for it in this website.

say thankya | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/07

does anyone know what noodle is saying in Japanese? Because i think this song is about how the creators come up with all of the tune stuff. Probably drugs, and if its drugs then the last line of this song is fucked up man.

To rob | Reviewer: Absinthe | 6/18/07

the remix is a separate track on some CDs. I have it as two separate ones on mine, but my cousin has them as the same song, like you...I have no idea what the reason for this is...

This song is awesome... | Reviewer: The Red Federation | 6/18/07

This song reminds me of like a violin teacher or something. Where Miho Hatori (Noodle) is the teacher.

That's odd, there's no 4 minutes of silence on the one that I listen to. But if it was silent why would they put it in the lyrics?

the lyrics forgot half the song! | Reviewer: rob | 6/13/07

in my CD, there's about 4 minutes of no sound after the song before it goes into a jazzy remix of the 'sunshine in a bag' song. why isn't it in the lyrics?