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The Yardbird's played their final show at Luton Technical
College in 1968. But what was seemingly an end; turned out
to be the beginning of three tremendously successful
careers in music. The careers of guitarists Eric Clapton,
Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. It's seems the three couldn't
agree on anything creatively in the Yardbirds. They were
all leaders.

After the bands break-up, Jimmy Page was left with little
more than a series of concert obligations. He started
jamming with John Paul Jones, a session player, who had
collaborated More...

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Review about Led Zeppelin songs
Not just another sex song | Reviewer: Greedav
    ------ About the song In The Light performed by Led Zeppelin

Although Led Zeppelin is famous for its music, it is not praised as much for its lyrics. This song, among others, is an exception to the more common sex/lust songs Led Zep penned, especially in their earlier years. It's great to have such touching, relatable, comforting lyrics from one of the greatest bands in history!

Sincere | Reviewer: Chepe
    ------ About the song Heartbreaker performed by Led Zeppelin

What I understand is that there is a girl who went to the town, everyone loves her. She always as heartbreaker but only the narrator know this and he tells her to get the hell away.

Real song meaning | Reviewer: J
    ------ About the song Immigrant song performed by Led Zeppelin

Sorry, but you're majorly WRONG!!!! The song was written during their visit to Scandinavia, and about exactly that from the Vikings' poit of view. When reading the lyrics it makes perfect sense. Although I can see how it may seem the the song is about how LZ dominated their fans, but that can only come from a tiny peice of song and lyrics.

'How soft your fields so green, can whisper tales of gore,
Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords.'
He's tLking about how the Vickings conquered the land 'fields of green' by fighting in them and how said land 'fields' can 'whisper tales of gore'. By conquering they became the overloads.

There is further proof by mention of Valhalla which was a hall in Asgard that Odin chose half of the warriors who died to be escorted to by Valkereies to prepare for battle-Norse Mythology. The hanmer to drive their ships to new land is reference to Thor's hammer.

Brilliance | Reviewer: Xinguman
    ------ About the song Tangerine performed by Led Zeppelin

God bless jimmy page, Robert plant, John Paul, John bonham, brilliance , timeless comfort, to my ears ,they enriched my life with their talent they share with us al, how would life be the same without zeppelins sounds in our mind, heaven,,,,,,thank you

A time of life | Reviewer: Billbobaggins
    ------ About the song The rain song performed by Led Zeppelin

I used to listen to them every nite to every album and learned to play drums to Zep. It is John Bonhams style that I learned that got me in band after band. It gives me great pleasure in knowing that I can play the same beats as the master himself. The band just had a way of opening a whole different door to music. They were MASTERS in coming up with songs that made you come alive. I also love to fly my plane at night and I put in Zepplin and just fly through the nite with it in my ears. Its the most killer thing. God,,,and only God made these 4 guys come up with the best rock and roll ever played. Thank you Zep!!

The wrong road | Reviewer: Manni
    ------ About the song Stairway to heaven performed by Led Zeppelin

Maybe the song is about drugs or anything i dont know.I definately know that humans went down the wrong road when they started using nuclear power.
All the warnings were not listened to.On march 11th 2011 the gate to hell was finally opened.For all to end.

For Maya, the love of my life | Reviewer: Norbert
    ------ About the song Thank you performed by Led Zeppelin

This great ballade is the best love song of all times. Even after fourty years of listening to it almost each day it makes the tears of love start falling.

I dedicate it to m my wonderful wife Maya, the love of my life. Thank You for Your love, Maya! I love You!

Your loving husband Norbert

Just a thought | Reviewer: Slobslapper
    ------ About the song No quarter performed by Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were said to have read and re-read Lord of the Rings as many times as the rest of us did back then. The books not only gave birth to the entire Dungeons and Dragons craze, (which in turn led to all of us soon to become computer geeks and database programmers) but piqued the curiosity of many in the use of actual magic. Jimmy had purchased the Boleskine House and recorded several famous tracks there. This was the one time estate of Aleister Crowley (The self proclaimed occultist and most evil man alive). The connection is often made to show how Page was a Satin worshiper but I still feel that that was just an early form of shock rock propaganda. Especially since Aleister Crowley hid his true beliefs in ancient Egyptian magic (like those practiced by the founding fathers. Ever hear of the skull and bones?) behind a facade of devil worship. The Tolkin connection seems more likely. Tolkien inspired them to compose several songs. Stairway to Heaven has several references to the novels. As does Battle of EverMore.

No Quarter was rumored to be referring to Aragorn's journey through the Paths of the Dead (They choose the path where no-one goes) during the Battle of Middle Earth. A world war that empties the lands of soldiers. (Close the doors, put out the light...You know they won't be home tonight)

Andúril was the sword Narsil reforged and not only did it give Sauron an uneasy feeling, but it was used to call the dead to aid Aragorn against the Corsairs of Umbar in the Return of the King. A force they could not defeat with the few Rangers he had. (They're wearing steel that's bright and true. They carry news that must get through) Possibly a reference as well.

Entering the valley of Harrowdale, they are flanked by the dead whispering and taunting them as they follow to the meeting place where they are demanded to make good on their promise. (Walking side by side with death. The devil mocks their every step)

No quarter means to give no clemency or mercy. Aragorn held the dead to their curse with no clemency until they had completed their vow from long ago. And the dead let none survive, showing no mercy to the enemy.

Well, anyway, it may not be true and a poet will never explain his work since the meaning is always subject to interpretation, as it should be. But it fits as closely as any I have read.

It explains how it used to be and now it has changed | Reviewer: PJT
    ------ About the song All My Love performed by Led Zeppelin

The love and light and strength from the new and as the years go by these feelings fade, not wanting them to fade they fade anyway. We all try so hard to hold on and keep the fire alive but it takes two. My other half left me by self infliction and I will never be able to renew it or get it back, it will always be what it was for the time we had together. Yes I always and forever stay just a little lonely.

Great tune, not the best | Reviewer: Alberto Ortiz
    ------ About the song In the Evening performed by Led Zeppelin

It's certainly true that Pagey spent more time getting on the heroin, so JPJ had to take the musical leadership, so the entire album is mainly Plant and Jonesey's work. I found the keyboards in this record to be quite overwealming and very monotonous. Its a shame that Jimmy couldnt do the trick anymore. The entire pieces of the LP kinda have this very heavy non-describable weird not cool vibe.

However, this particular song was quite heavy on their concerts at the mere 80's, you should check it out.

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