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The Yardbird's played their final show at Luton Technical
College in 1968. But what was seemingly an end; turned out
to be the beginning of three tremendously successful
careers in music. The careers of guitarists Eric Clapton,
Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. It's seems the three couldn't
agree on anything creatively in the Yardbirds. They were
all leaders.

After the bands break-up, Jimmy Page was left with little
more than a series of concert obligations. He started
jamming with John Paul Jones, a session player, who had
collaborated More...

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Review about Led Zeppelin songs
WHY DONT | Reviewer: Pukabson
    ------ About the song Immigrant song performed by Led Zeppelin

Why don't people understand that all music from today is about sex and drugs. People wonder why kids are going around when they are 10 with girlfriends, sagging their pants and learning about inappropriate things from their friends not their parents when they are of age. It sickens me to have little kids listening to rap and pop about these disgusting things. All I remember caring about was the awesome guitar riffs and deep meanings in music from 60s to late 80s. The immigrant song was one of my favorite zeppelin songs of all time aside from stairway to heaven and Kashmir.

    ------ About the song Babe I'm gonna leave you performed by Led Zeppelin

It's the 21st century, if you really like this music you should bury yourself deep underground. When I listen to these zeppelins, I get so depressed, how can you listen to this, seriously. It doesn't even have a drop, what is a song without a drop? Nothing. This is crap. Even the lyrics are shitty. How many times does this gay-voiced singer say baby? Even Justin Bieber can write better lyrics with the word 'baby' in it. And I HATE that JB asshole.
One word can sum it up: Bullshit.

Nobody's fault really | Reviewer: The Man still waiting
    ------ About the song Nobody's Fault But Mine performed by Led Zeppelin

I Love Blind Willie Johnson's version as Jimmy Page obviously did.
Led Zeps knowledge and love of original blues songs helped to make them as great as they became. Why not change the lyrics? Nobody worries when the music is changed. I first saw them in 1969 (yes I am an old guy) sitting in the front row of Newcastle City Hall. By the way, the blues reference to kicking the gong around sometimes refers to opium as in Cab Calloways 'Minnie The Mocher' it was known as hep talk.

Died Last Week | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The ocean performed by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Was IS And Ever Will Be The Greatest Band Of All Time!! I started off with the 4th album in about 6th grade and immediately Poured through everything I could find by them. No one writes like they do where you can feel everything in the words and notes and actually put yourself in the same exact place. All of their music touches you in ways that other things don't. Nothing comes close. Nothing ever will. God bless all of them and all of you.

A lost art | Reviewer: Ross Walters
    ------ About the song That's the way performed by Led Zeppelin

The words were written after the music. Like Stairway to Heaven, don't read too much into the lyrics. That's the Way was written to be pretty and showcase John Paul Jones Mandolin play and Plant's guitar creativity.
If you want to imagine the words go deeper than filling space Plant and Page were talented enough to let you do just that picking and choosing pretty words that are every bit as pleasant as the songs melody.
The Moody Blues did the same as did many others. Lyrics that invite deep reflection and infinite interpretation on their way to becoming lifelong anthems in the lives of many of their fans.
Make no mistake, many of the old Rock band members were musical and lyrical artists - perhaps geniuses. The ability to paint a different picture in each and every listeners mind while listening to the exact same words and music. Truly a lost art.
Don't get me wrong. I wish I was young again but am thankful my teen years were filled with the music of groups like Cream and Zeppelin...not Eminem and Beyonce.

Use logic | Reviewer: Led.zepp
    ------ About the song Houses Of The Holy performed by Led Zeppelin

I really doubt that they (led zeppelin) could sing stonned. I mean it is obvious that they were stonned, but can not imagine led zeppelin something like that. Also their lyrics are more sofisticated and less clear

Kashmir | Reviewer: Santiago
    ------ About the song Kashmir performed by Led Zeppelin

I think this song speaks for itself, for me its pretty clear they are describing some experimentation, some kind of drug like peyote or lsd, where they went to places no one can go unless you are with them, they experimented new things, new visions...

zep | Reviewer: Jerrod Cantrell
    ------ About the song Gallows pole performed by Led Zeppelin

I think this song is very good. It reminds me of theold west when time where differant not knowing why he is geting hung but it must have been a bad crjme geting hung after all the brives the hang man got.this and like alot of zep. songs tell a story of day of back when and love.The music is the best out there

Sonya- my true soulmate | Reviewer: Steve L.
    ------ About the song Ten Years Gone performed by Led Zeppelin

Twenty-five years ago, I met my true soulmate,we were engaged and she broke it off. it took me over a year to get over her,Along the way, I never forgot her. Since then Ive gotten married and doing fine, well, low and behold we ran into each outer. Sonya was married,Divorced and has a beautiful 18 year old daugether. We both took a trip back in time for a few days. the spark the magic the love everything was still there. It was the most precouis thing that ever happened to me in my entire life.I will hold that memory dear to my heart forever Life is to short I really wish,I could give her what she deserves, but I cant break my wifes heart, like Sonya broke mine, I think every person you love in life takes a piece of your heart. this is to Sonya, I will ALLWAYS LOVE YOU BABY. You have got soo much to ofer some lucky guy. wish you the best. and to what is and could never be.. this song is form me to you.I wll always think of you baby and the way it used to be.I will alwys love you,then ,now and forever. I wish I could say " Iam never gonna leave " STEVE

    ------ About the song In My Time Of Dying performed by Led Zeppelin

Zep had a lot of nerve to put their names on these songs. They just stole them. Willie Dixon sued them and won. Give credit where it is really due. Not to Zep. (and I love Zep too)

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