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The Yardbird's played their final show at Luton Technical
College in 1968. But what was seemingly an end; turned out
to be the beginning of three tremendously successful
careers in music. The careers of guitarists Eric Clapton,
Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. It's seems the three couldn't
agree on anything creatively in the Yardbirds. They were
all leaders.

After the bands break-up, Jimmy Page was left with little
more than a series of concert obligations. He started
jamming with John Paul Jones, a session player, who had
collaborated More...

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Review about Led Zeppelin songs
Use logic | Reviewer: Led.zepp
    ------ About the song Houses Of The Holy performed by Led Zeppelin

I really doubt that they (led zeppelin) could sing stonned. I mean it is obvious that they were stonned, but can not imagine led zeppelin something like that. Also their lyrics are more sofisticated and less clear

Kashmir | Reviewer: Santiago
    ------ About the song Kashmir performed by Led Zeppelin

I think this song speaks for itself, for me its pretty clear they are describing some experimentation, some kind of drug like peyote or lsd, where they went to places no one can go unless you are with them, they experimented new things, new visions...

zep | Reviewer: Jerrod Cantrell
    ------ About the song Gallows pole performed by Led Zeppelin

I think this song is very good. It reminds me of theold west when time where differant not knowing why he is geting hung but it must have been a bad crjme geting hung after all the brives the hang man got.this and like alot of zep. songs tell a story of day of back when and love.The music is the best out there

Sonya- my true soulmate | Reviewer: Steve L.
    ------ About the song Ten Years Gone performed by Led Zeppelin

Twenty-five years ago, I met my true soulmate,we were engaged and she broke it off. it took me over a year to get over her,Along the way, I never forgot her. Since then Ive gotten married and doing fine, well, low and behold we ran into each outer. Sonya was married,Divorced and has a beautiful 18 year old daugether. We both took a trip back in time for a few days. the spark the magic the love everything was still there. It was the most precouis thing that ever happened to me in my entire life.I will hold that memory dear to my heart forever Life is to short I really wish,I could give her what she deserves, but I cant break my wifes heart, like Sonya broke mine, I think every person you love in life takes a piece of your heart. this is to Sonya, I will ALLWAYS LOVE YOU BABY. You have got soo much to ofer some lucky guy. wish you the best. and to what is and could never be.. this song is form me to you.I wll always think of you baby and the way it used to be.I will alwys love you,then ,now and forever. I wish I could say " Iam never gonna leave " STEVE

They stole this and many other songs. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In My Time Of Dying performed by Led Zeppelin

Zep had a lot of nerve to put their names on these songs. They just stole them. Willie Dixon sued them and won. Give credit where it is really due. Not to Zep. (and I love Zep too)

Whole Lotta Nonsense | Reviewer: Bill
    ------ About the song In My Time Of Dying performed by Led Zeppelin

No dragons, no wizards, no guitar solos were thirty minutes long. Zeppelin darn sure borrowed from a lot of old blues, but that's how most of the popular music we listen to in the U.S. came about. Folks in England seemed to get hip sooner that most here in the states, including the Rolling Stones (who I love along with Led Zeppelin, and both bands stole from the blues like thieves) who got their name from a Muddy Waters (quite possibly the coolest cat ever)song. Muddy wrote another song appropriately named, "The Blues Had a Baby and They Called it Rock and Roll." (recorded with the late great, and possibly the greatest white bluesman ever, Johnny Winter in the 70's)

It's about Iceland | Reviewer: Heiðar
    ------ About the song Immigrant song performed by Led Zeppelin

For those who were wrong about the origin of the lyrics and the song, it is about Iceland... They played in Reykjavík in 1970 and were inspired.

These are quotes from Plant: "We went to Iceland, and it made you think of Vikings and big ships... and John Bonham's stomach... and bang, there it was - Immigrant Song!"

"We weren't being pompous ... We did come from the land of the ice and snow. We were guests of the Icelandic Government on a cultural mission. We were invited to play a concert in Reykjavik and the day before we arrived all the civil servants went on strike and the gig was going to be cancelled. The university prepared a concert hall for us and it was phenomenal. The response from the kids was remarkable and we had a great time. "Immigrant Song" was about that trip and it was the opening track on the album that was intended to be incredibly different."
I also live in Iceland and every single LZ fan here knows that this song is about Iceland

interesting | Reviewer: dinosore
    ------ About the song Stairway to heaven performed by Led Zeppelin

It starts out about a rich woman wanting to buy her way through an afterlife...the songbird is a personwarning about ideas and thoughts being placed and not our own(I'm guessing like overwhelming desire and acting on impulse, or voices in your head being from an outside source)
Then he says he wants his soul to leave his body when facing west, usually east is seen as good due to the sun rising in the east, that said I think he's talking about wanting to go dark or temptation.
Smoke rings in trees is probably a portal which is why he hears voices from them.

It makes him wonder because he doesnt quite understand it all i think this is a hillucinated drug induced or channeled experience he is describing.

The piper calling us to reason could be god or The devil, or our true inner self.
The Piper however sounds like satan, calling us to reason or science for answers instead of god.
If you know about meditation you know there is a sound like tinitis coming from the inside of your brain and the reason they say "ohhhhm" over and over is to resonate on that frequency and attune their inner song to the frequency desired. Playing with this can invite things into you so its unwise to practice alone.
That said "soon if we all sing in tune a new dawn" sounds like the age of the new world order. Of course it is believe Christians will leave for heaven and sinners will stay, the laughter of the woods could mean the spirits that are laughing at the damned. The same ones from the tree smoke circles who I would guess are in cahoots with the "piper" the pied Piper was a bad guy don't forget.
Then the sound in your head that won't go, being the piper calling to you, is that "tinitis sound", I believe he thinks if you harmonize body with mind in this way you will have some answers.

He is saying how shallow the woman is by the stairway to heaven line. But is his version of spirituality right? Who knows. I'm just guessing

Hammer of the Gods | Reviewer: Cdgfla
    ------ About the song Immigrant song performed by Led Zeppelin

To anyone who thinks this song isn't about Viking invaders coming to the shores of England in the 9th and 10th centuries...you need to read a little European History. The Norse emigration by force to Western Europe was swift an severe, and would eventually culminate in the crowing of the Norman King William II after the Battle of Hastings.

Castle Malibu | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Going to California performed by Led Zeppelin

I was a kid when this song arrive in the air . It wasn't until 1979 that I want to know more about this mystical music making worlocks lol! I grew up in the SFV alway going to Zuma beach. Some times Scott Ray and I would sneak out our parents house, Scott had the Jeep! We drive to the Zeppelin castle. We'll to the bottom of Las Virgenes walk the rest of the way in hide in the trees or up on the hill and wait and watch most if our time was spent just getting stoned in two years of this practice we only saw Robert once! Thanks for the memories. The lyrics in GTC I thought they were meant for me I always wore flowers in my hair! Still do!!!!

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