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The Yardbird's played their final show at Luton Technical College in 1968. But what was seemingly an end; turned out to be the beginning of three tremendously successful careers in music. The careers of guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. It's seems the three couldn't agree on anything creatively in the Yardbirds. They were all leaders.

After the bands break-up, Jimmy Page was left with little more than a series of concert obligations. He started jamming with John Paul Jones, a session player, who had collaborated with likes of the Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits and Dusty Springfield. The duo discussed forming a new group, but ended up delaying their plans to back Donovan on his Hurdy Gurdy LP.

After hearing of Pages' intention of starting a new band, vocalist Terry Reid suggested he hear Robert Plant. When Page got a chance to check Plant out, Jimmy not only ended up liking his voice, but also his stage presence. Plant, in turn, suggested they recruit John Bonham, the drummer of his old Birmingham group, Band of Joy. The foursome clicked so nicely that they toured Scandinavia during October 1968 under the name the New Yardbirds.

By 1969 the group changed their name to Led Zeppelin, recorded, and released their first self-titled album. Within two months the album reached Billboard's Top Ten. The album is essentially Zeppelin most blues-driven release. Page's early style drew so heavily on the blues that Willie Dixon later won a large settlement for the copyright infringement. Rumour has it that a few of song titles off the first release ripped off old blues titles; they only changed one word in these songs catch phrases.

Led Zeppelin II and every release after has attained Platinum status, and in 1973 the group began to break box-office records set by the Beatles. By 1975 Led Zeppelin was the most commercially successful rock band in the world.

The group broke up after the tragic death of drummer John Bonham. He died from what is medically termed as asphyxiation: inhaling his own vomit during sleep after a drinking binge. His hard-hitting style has so integral to the bands sound that the remaining members decided to call it quits. Without Bonham there could be no Led Zeppelin.

The mighty Zeppelin has experimented with several musical styles over the bands reign. Their sound began with Blues and thunderous Heavy Metal, softened to mystical Folk and tumbled into the realm of Funk, Psychedelic Rock, and the fusion and integration of all these styles. Perhaps this is why their music has attained the lasting value that only two other groups have been able to secure, the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

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Greatest cover band of all time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/14

I've been listening to Led Zep since the early 70's. Love them, my favorite band. I always thought of the music as Rock n Roll. When I started hearing old Blues songs that Zeppelin based their music on, I realized that I love the Blues not necessarily Rock. And Led Zeppelin wail the Blues like nobody else! The best cover band ever.

Zeppelin takes me back to simpler times | Reviewer: Jesse Cooka | 9/21/13

It was 2007 i was 10, and i was watching a Shrek movie and the Immigrant Song was being used in a comical manor and i loved it and had to know what it was. My dad pulled out Zeppelin III and i listened to that album dozens of times. It quickly evolved from i like that band, to they're my favorite band of all time. Almost 6 years later Classic Rock is all i listen to! Zeppelin has been so inspirational and influential to me in my life. I always think back upon Zeppelin III and it takes me back to a state of beautiful nostalgia that just chills me out everytime i listen to them. Nothing will ever take me away from those four men who came together and totally re-wrote Rock!! Zeppelin takes me back to simpler times when i never had to worry about girls or what people thought of me. They've been there for me when no one else was.

"Many have i loved, many times been bitten. Many times i'v gazed along the open road. Many times iv lied, many times i listen. Many times i'v wondered how much there is to know."

Still one of if not the greatest bands!! | Reviewer: Matt T. | 3/10/13

I've been listening to classic rock for a minimum of 20 years, and I've listened to new stuff, but Led Zeppelin is my favorite band of all time. I wish i could've seen them once in concert, but i must admit, even though the remaining band members have aged, Page and John Paul Jones can still rock the guitars as good as ever and Robert Plant still has his 70's voice.

Timeless Classics | Reviewer: Mick | 1/25/13

LZ II album was one of the first I ever bought, aged 12 in the late 1960's - that and Humble Pie's Rockin' the Filmore... Saw LZ live at Alexandra Palace (North London) shortly after they released LZ IV - that concert ticket was the best £1.75 I ever spent on music! Fantastic event - no support band, they simply played the entire new album, took a short break then came back and played a medley of tracks from their first 3 albums. Remember it well, despite the passage of 40 years...

greatest | Reviewer: Pete Tobin | 11/26/12

i love all types of music but in terms of rock and roll nobody comes close to LZ inever got to see them in concert when bonham died i was 13 and that really sucks but i agree with the band nobody can play like john bonham.

Jimmy page is a legend | Reviewer: The kid | 11/14/12

Im 31 urban city boy but I always loved rock music I just started listening to zeppelin I didn't know about them only new age stuff but I heard a songs found, out who sing it stairway to heaven and I been getting all there stuff since an amazing band

Led Zep-The Most Amazing Rock Band | Reviewer: Chris G | 9/14/12

I remember first hearing Led Zeppelin when I was 10 years old living in England. Led Zep IV had been out for less than a year and my older brother had a taped copy of the album which he played on a reel-to-reel tape deck(talk about old technology!) I couldn't believe how fantastic their music was especially The Battle of Evermore and Misty Mountain Hop. Each Zeppelin album is packed full of great songs with diverse musical influences. I wish I had the chance to see them live but thankfully there are decent quality DVDs available showing the incredible talent of this band during live performances. Jimmy Page inspired me to learn the guitar and Zeppelin tunes are still my favourite to play. Rock on Led Zep!

'bout led zep | Reviewer: francois | 5/5/12

heard their n 2 album 1 st time when I was 13 ;blew my mind away !!
first missed them at the earl's court exhibition hall 1974
was due on the french (fucking) draft!
page slammed his little finger in the door 2 days before the show (which he played anyways !
was in L A when a french friend showed me a rock rewiew saying they were gonna play munich .
I packed up overnight and got to see them .they were already not at their best any more ,and bonham died 1 month later.
saw them again 4 ys ago (only page and plant in bordeaux (must say the magic had gone )the whole rather messy and tasteless.even saw plant onhis own .must admit he is still experimenting new ways .(but got fatter! )
Anyways in their haydays they were certainly the most creative inventive band mixing all kinds of influences with the greatest BONHEUR!
hail to the GREATEST rock and roll band on earth
PS PLEAAAASE play some LED ZEPPELIN at my funeral that's all I'm asking for!!!

The Irony | Reviewer: Phil Fury | 4/30/12

John Bohnam was born May 31, 1948 I was born same day 1968. John passed away Sep 25, 1980. I was married on Sep 25, 2003. I bought my first Led Zepplin tape on Sep 25, 1980 only 12 at the time had no idea that John passed away. I used to have dreams of seeing this band live. I wanted it to the band that popped my cherry for live performances. Blue Oyster Cult ended up being that band while opening for RUSH during the Power Windows tour while I was in High School. For my 35th B-day my wife bought me How The West Was Won. I was totally blown away by John's playing. From then on I understood why Zepplin couldn't move on without him. He was unreplaceable.

The best | Reviewer: john | 4/23/12

First time I heard Led Zeppelin (their first album had just come out) I tried to get used to hearing "rockified" versions of old blues tunes. Once the album sunk in after about 12 continuous listens, I was sold. Arguably they started what we now know as heavy metal. Many bands came out with that style afterwards. LZ is an important part of music history. I enjoy everything they have released and to have such talent in one group is a very rare occurence. I saw them twice. In Minneapolis and then in my hometown of Winnipeg. The best concerts I have ever seen. I'm glad to see that Robert Plant is still strong in the music business. My two favourite blues/rock singers I ever heard with a powerful voice are Robert Plant and Eric Burdon of the Animals.

Maine Mom of 3 boys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/11

I have recently been helping my son do a report on Led Zeppelin. He is suprised at how much he likes the "old stuff". I try to get my boys to listen to as many different artist as possible. My oldest son loves Paul Simon and my youngest son loves Tim Mc Graw. Glad to know they all love Led Zeppelin.

Led Zepplin | Reviewer: Ray | 12/13/10

I'm 62 and i agree with all the above comments on this band.....simply one of the best that ever played the face of this earth.
i also agree that "Bonzo" was one of the greatest, but "Buddy Rich being no 1 (Daniel Kast 1/1/10)what are you smoking. have you ever heard or seen Neal Perth of Rush..or Keith Moon of Who. both these guys put Buddy Rich way back in 10th place.

robert page bonham jones | Reviewer: dennez | 6/28/10

theres not alot of things you can say about this band but you sure can feel it every song has its secret code a message sent from these gods of rock nroll im 17 and been hearing zeppelin since i was 14 theyve always been my favorite band and even though now and days everybody seems to have forgotten about the good classic rock theres people that still listen to bands like these so people lets keep rockinn onn!!!!

Bonzo fan | Reviewer: Daniel Kast | 1/1/10

Man im so glad my dad had got me into the old rock, ESPECIALLY Led Zeppelin..i've been listening to their songs, and i am a drummer, so i listen to the drums mainly, and I noticed how in Moby Dick and other great performances, John Bonham had the best solos in rock, and one of the best solos of all music types, but of course Buddy Rich being number one...I also noticed how Led Zeppelin's songs just beats EVERY other song of today....all I can say is that Led Zeppelin was a band of gifted people...a masterpiece

led zeppelin is the best | Reviewer: 16-year -old rocker | 6/28/09

I have just started to listen to Led Zeppelin a month ago and realized how much I've missed out! Robert Plant has the strongest vocals I have ever heard. The mainstream music today carries no such emotion, originality, and most importantly talent. Led Zeppelin has turned all these beautiful genres like the blues onto a whole high level. It has beautiful lyrics ( i.e. stairway to heaven) and makes mary jane an EXPERIENCE. Bands like Led Zeppelin make you feel the intensity that no music today can. Kudos to all members of this band. LIVE ON!!!

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