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One listen to Lecrae, and it is unashamedly evident that he has a worldview not commonly found in popular Hip Hop. From the south side of Houston to a major platform in the movement of urban reform, a rocky road provides a window into the grace he experienced throughout his life, with every situation molding him into the artist and leader he is today.

Raised by his mother, Lecrae Moore moved around quite often as a youth. San Diego, Denver and Dallas were once home to him and the street life he idolized and pursued. Along the way, like many in the inner city, he was drawn to rapping as a way of communicating his thoughts. But it wasn’t until after high school, when his life’s course changed, that his hobby became a real passion.

At the age of 19, Lecrae attended a conference where he saw hundreds of teenagers who looked and dressed like him, but whose lives were steered by their faith. It was there that he heard the Gospel message and recognized his need for a Savior. Shortly thereafter, stirred by a newfound zeal for Jesus Christ, Lecrae printed his testimony and distributed it across the University of North Texas campus. Five years later, he would team up with Ben Washer, a friend he met while serving with a youth ministry, to found Reach Records with hopes of sharing the Gospel of Christ beyond his local context.

Calling Dallas home, Lecrae had been content using his gifts of speaking and rapping while volunteering at a juvenile detention center, but he was encouraged to share his gifts beyond those walls. Pouring out a genuine discussion of life issues and a passionate, unapologetic pursuit of Jesus Christ, Lecrae released his debut album Real Talk and soon gathered a following. Listeners appreciated his in-your-face delivery of biblical truths and transparent, relatable and encouraging lyrics.

As Lecrae continued to make his mark in the music industry, he realized the stage wasn’t enough. There needed to be a culturally relevant and biblically solid resource center to help train the next generation, so he co-founded Reach Life Ministries in 2005. After extending Reach’s impact, Lecrae then released the groundbreaking album After the Music Stops in 2006. Aimed at building an audience of disciples and led by the
 classic single‚ “Jesus Musik,” Lecrae’s sophomore album gradually spread across the country with other hits such as “Praying For You” and “Send Me.” It also sat on Soundscan’s Christian Hip Hop/R&B chart for two years after releasing in 2006. His follow up, Rebel, released in 2008, garnered even more success: becoming the first Christian Rap album to ever sit in the No. 1 position on Billboard’s Top Gospel Charts and spending 78 weeks on the Billboard charts.

Lecrae returned in 2010 with an album whose influence extended into mainstream media and culture. Rehab, an honest look at his problems and the only solution to them, broke into the Billboard Top 200 Albums debuting at No. 17, while reaching No. 3 on the Top 10 Albums chart on iTunes.Lecrae also reached No. 1 on the Billboard Contemporary Christian chart and No. 1 on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. The impact of this album spread across the globe, receiving nominations for several awards including a Grammy for Best Rock/Rap Gospel album.

In 2011, the music industry continued to take notice, with a well-received appearance on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, a feature on Statik Selektah‘s mixtape and collaborations with other mainstream artists and producers. In May 2012, he released the Church Clothes mixtape hosted by Don Cannon and featuring production by Bio-1a, 9th Wonder, S-1 and Street Symphony. The mixtape garnered over 280,000 downloads and debuted at #10 on iTunes as an EP, as well as #10 on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart.

In September of the same year, Gravity dropped and made waves in several mainstream outlets with 70,490 units sold in its first week making it the #1 Rap Album, #1 Independent Album and #3 on the Billboard 200. The album also ranked as the #1 Christian Album and #1 Gospel Album. To date, Lecrae holds the title as the highest-selling independent artist in first week sales for 2012.

A graduate of the University of North Texas, Lecrae now resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and children. His passion for impacting urban culture persists. With a musically evolving and successful discography, nationwide tours along with the 116 Clique, and a generation of young believers around the world inspired to live unashamed; Lecrae is humbled by his position in the growing movement to bring truth to every arena. His hope is that Reach’s impact will spread far beyond simply the music and into the lives of individuals across the globe, ultimately exalting Jesus Christ.

Thanks to Curtis Kelly / curtis_klly8@yahoo.com for submitting the biography.

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i wish to share e stage w u one day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/14

I wish to share e stage w u one day ministering,i love ur music so mch iam nt a hip hop person bt i love ur music so mch,kip blessng e world w ur music n God wl bless u more n more,may God continue to use u so mightily....love u lots

Thank you lecrae | Reviewer: Zhane | 1/23/14

Thank you lecrae for rapping for Jesus cause now my mom can listen to your songs and she very happy with you. I had a hard time finding songs too and I'm grateful for it. My mom will be around your life because she an dancer to god. Her name is Toccara Hampton and I'm Zhane Hampton-Davis. Remember that ok? Thank you!

More grace | Reviewer: Josh | 11/13/13

Wow crae, i would say you really inspire me, and i thank God for the likes of you in da music industry (hip hop). More grace man, and also I really thank God for using you and the whole 116 crew to rectify da kind music i listen to and make too.

continue spreading the gospel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/13

u hve changed many people from dirt to clean through yo rapping and your experience in christ i belive you wll be blessed and continue spreading gospel to the lost so that we can win more souls across the world. By kelly munkombwe from zambia africa.

inspired.... | Reviewer: minenhle ncube | 3/15/13

you have inspired me with your music,God has given you to the world to bless the world and inspire and incourage them to use their talents to bring glory to Gods name and i am glad to say that you have definately inspired me...... dont stop.

God bless Lecrae | Reviewer: Hetty | 11/2/12

My prayer is that the youth who get to hear your music will be transformed and get to know God the more

i wanna change the world too. | Reviewer: philzee | 8/23/12

Wow lec you inspire me so badly that i carried on rytn raps and songs about christ....i love you so much and hope the Lord will bless you more and more...without Christ the world is nothn and i wish one day i change the world like you...keep on spreading the gospel...the LORD BLESS Y'ALL...PHILZEE

Impacting | Reviewer: Johannes Marokane | 8/8/12

Lecrae man your music is out of this world, somewhere from space,everytime i listen to you rap i get impacted by the words you utter in your songs,keep it up...may the grace of God abound towards u,ur family and the 116 crew!!!

Without Christ we 're doomed. | Reviewer: Sbu McTeddy | 8/5/12

Yeah mayn continue proclaimin' tha word of God, you really an inspiration bro. Your muzik 's got a message indeed, u aint jus' an entertainer. I used to listen to tha likes of Akon, but now with u and other Christian rappers, mayn i'm insane i bang it all tha time. God bless u guys for preachin' tha gospel. Amen.

You're An Inspiration! God Bless You. | Reviewer: Millenium David | 7/27/12

God Bless You Greatly! Am An Upcoming gospel Rapper, And God has been Using your Powerful Songs to Inspire Me. Am in An Environment where Gospel Rap is almost A Taboo, but You Music has been a source of Drive for Never to give-up Writing ma Songs. Am just praying to God for A Change of Environment.
God Bless You and Your Family Lecrae!.

thanks God | Reviewer: lissette | 6/14/12

omg i love lecrae soooooooooooooo much i cant believe how much he has changed my mind thank you GOD for bringing him in to this world and for speaking your word hope you can dot the same with me

gods soldier | Reviewer: kezia | 6/9/12

Hello lecrae and family, u TRULY are. A blessing to all, by God u enlighten the world with his grace, peace, mercy,joy love and forgiveness. I love ur music. Please continue to let god lead ur life.

He preached to me too! | Reviewer: Hal Nthani | 5/14/12

As lecrea jumps on stage doin 'I used to do it too' it sound unprecedented. Ya, man I got a u-turn with respect to da type of music I used to listen to. 'F.A.N.A.T.I.C.' rolls heavy in my head and I dont wanna detouch myself to HHH. LECREA u inspire me. Good luck bro! Keep up da gud job, God will reward you immensely.

What are we here for | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/12

It is clear but ever evolving what Lecrae is here for but what are we here for. GOD is a spirit and lecrae answered his calling and we must do the same. Thank you Lecrae for being a convicting spirit to let us know what is not pleasing to our FATHER. Being lead by the spirit of God its very evident HE resides in YOU. REACH THE WORLD FOR THE KINGDOM AND TOGETHER WE WILL BREAK THE KNGDOMS OF THIS WORLD.

U are a great person | Reviewer: Mark | 3/18/12

Lecrae u are a great person for wat u do man I started rapping a couple of years ago but it was always bout sex drugs an money but after hearing ur songs cuz u have made me hungry for the lord an wanting to do right by him an try to get rid of these addictions to them diseases cuz but I really appreciate wat u do man keep it up bro god bless u and ur family

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