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The Gathering Leaves Lyrics

Last updated: 07/02/2011 11:00:00 AM

i close your eyes with my mouth
now you don't see anything
but you feel my breath all over
i can feel you too

although i don't really know you
i don't really care

cry with me, make my day
tomorrow all will be gone
all the sweetness and all the fun
no, i don't wanna know...

although i don't really know you
i don't really care

now that you're gone i don't know
how to really feel inside
bearing the hope to see you again
i guess i never will

now that i do really know you
yes, i really care!

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muy bueno este tema... y eso k escribo desde chile | Reviewer: profesortcc | 12/25/2004

profesortcc ... muy weno este tema y eso que escribo desde chile, si alguen lo lee, sera uno de mis primeros contactos realizados en internet, tal vez pasara mucho tiempo desde que alguuen pueda leer este mensaje... que le vamos hacer, asi es la internet hoy en dia, algun dia morire, lo se, pero este mensaje quedara en la web dando vueltas y vueltas

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