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Good Riddance Leader of the Pack Lyrics

Last updated: 02/13/2006 11:00:00 AM

i met him at the candy store
turned around and smiled at me
get the picture
that's when i fell for
leader of the pack

my folks are always putting me down
they say i came from the wrong side of town
they told me he was bad
but i know he was sad
thats why i fell for
leader of the pack

well the day my dad told me to find someone new
i had to tell my johnny we're through
he stood there and asked me why
but all i could do was cry
i'm sorry i hurt you
leader of the pack

he sort of smiled
kissed me goodbye
and tears were beginning to show
as he drove away
i ran and i begged him to go slow
would he hear me
i'll never know

i felt so helpless
what could i do
rememberin all the things we been through
at school they all stop and stare
i can't hide the tears but i don't care
i'll never forget him
leader of the pack

leader of the pack
now he's all gone
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