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Who would've believed
That you and me would fall
And land together
And who could've foreseen
In you I'd find the place
I've belonged forever
And if I move closer
Then love will take over
And lead the way
I'd given up hope
Losing the faith that love
Could be mine to treasure
And now
Nothing's the same
I found myself reborn
On the day I met you
And if we move closer
Then love will take over
And lead the way
Suddenly you are lying
Here with me and the truths
I used to hold have changed
And if I move closer
And let it take over
Then love will lead the way
And let it take over
Then love will lead the way

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truly diamond superstar diva | Reviewer: eingel reyes | 1/7/14

lead the way is one of my favorite song of my one and only favorite singer in the universe..she is truly amazing,i really like the movie(glitter)i watch this 5 times...her voice is full of love and care...love yah..Ms.Mariah..God bless.

What a song! | Reviewer: Ckay | 7/30/13

I had this song in my head and could only remember a few words. The melody was humming in my mind with Mariah's amazing voice behind it. I am so happy I could find the song! Mariah's lyrics describe a deep beautiful love for someone like feeling reborn on the day you met them!!! How beautiful is that!?!? I love her!! ....makes me want to cry j/k ok I'm gonna listen to the song now - peace

God sent us the most beautiful angel ever !! | Reviewer: Anaksounamoune | 3/28/10

One of the best songs of the Glitter album along with "Reflections" and "Never too far".
People have the right to have their opinions, but I will never understand how can they hate someone with so much talent and so much beauty. She's so inspirational to me and I can't spend a day without listening to her music. 40 years old yesterday and 20 years in the music industry. She deserves much more respect !!

one of the mariah's best song!!! | Reviewer: sandy Karmann | 10/23/08

love this song!!! the melody, the vocals, the emotions and everything all!!!!!!!! As a fan, I admit that the movie Glitter was a flop, but not the album. I dont see anything wrong with the album Glitter.

I wanna see Mariah perform this song someday and still hope this song will get more and more exposure that it deserved....

Lead The Way all the way MC!

THE TALENTED & THE GREAT SINGER | Reviewer: sunshine | 1/21/08

its amazing to hear this song...i love Lead the way and Reflection 'coz i had my own almost same story with that songs.but its not the point...if u listen carefully to all mariah's ballad song u will realize that she pour her heart deep inside the song and it makes a big different with others ballad songs..Mariah Voice, words will never ever express how great it is!!!God bless ya M, keep on fighting!!can't hardly wait for THAT CHICK!

SOOTHING SONG | Reviewer: eisen | 12/29/07

whenever i hear this song, it always strip off my days worries.. it would always lighten up my feeling and always feel good about it.mariah, you are the best diva of all time. hope, one day, iL meet you in person and sing with you.hehehe...

She taught me what music really was... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

I love mariah with all my heart and I hope that she continues smashing the music charts and stays as the best singer evaaa!!!!!

mariahs sick man | Reviewer: mariah careys #1 fan | 10/12/07

HI ALL THE MARIAH CAREY LOVERS OUT THERE.. Thanks for reading my message and i was wondering... can anybody help me? im only thirteen and i have a spectacular voice just like mariah carey! if you dont believe me why not chat to me on my msn because i can sell you millions of records if your a music producer! but i'm not a fool.. even if im only thirteen i have a brain! only joking .. but please get in touch.even if your not a music producer if you can just help me become famous before my LOVELY voice fades away!! thankyou soooooooo much and if you have any help please gat in touch at my msn: baby_boyage@hotmail.com.thanks again.xxx

i loved her and her songs...shes my idol | Reviewer: francis | 10/12/07

shes one of a kind....my greatest dream to see her personaly..if i see her i will be happy.. she really completes my day..shes my idol since birth....hehehe god please let me see her on person after u can stop my life after i seeing her.. lav yah mariah

i love it | Reviewer: Nikki | 9/8/07

i just love this song, it is soooo beautiful. I saw Mariahs movie Glitter and i also fell in love with the other songs on their 2

Love her | Reviewer: Chris | 8/31/07

She is my fav singer and no1 can compare in my eyes, this song is sooo beautiful and her voice is so spectacular and the fact that she freking wrote the song makes it so much better. this is 1 of if not my favourite mariah song, that last note was held yeah 4 around 2o secs and is the longest held vocals in one breathing, according to the Guinness Book of Records.she is hands down the greatest damn singer of all time!!!!!

I love this song! | Reviewer: Jackie | 8/31/07

I first heard this song on an episode of Ally McBeal and fell completely in love with it... then i found it, downloaded it, and i have been singing it ever since, i have all the vocals down perfectly, but i now know how difficult to sing this song is and Mmariah did a great job singing it ^_^

Mariah's amazing!!!!!! | Reviewer: LynN | 7/18/07

I really love this song.this song makes me feel great since the voice of M.C takes a long3 breath.i try to immitate the way she sing but can't.it's really3 great n no one can't fight it.luv mariah!!!!!

OMG | Reviewer: Rachael | 5/23/07

every think is amazing i love maraih carey always have always will she is amazing

GREAT VOCALS!!!| | Reviewer: Emilio | 4/1/07

Glitter was a failure in Mariah Carey's impressing career, but definitely this album was great but realased at a bad time; songs like "Lead The Way", and "Never Too Far" display Mariah's perfect and clean vocals. (note: the 20 seconds "waaaaaaaaaayyyyy" is spectacular)

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