LeAnn Rimes Lyrics

BORN: August 28, 1982

With her phenomenal early success, LeAnn Rimes has gone
from being the little girl from Garland, Texas with the big
voice to a contemporary, cosmopolitan young woman.
Possessing one of the most spectacular voices in the
business, as well as an incredible gift for performing,
LeAnn made her motion picture debut in 2000 in the film
"Coyote Ugly," stunning audiences with a fresh look and
sound that are reflective of her growth as a young adult.

LeAnn recently ventured through the historic and rugged
Yucatan More...

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Review about LeAnn Rimes songs
Biggest Fan | Reviewer: Andrea Ellis
    ------ About the song I'll Get Even With You performed by LeAnn Rimes

Of All your songs Ill get even with you is My Top 3!! This song has Very Special Memoirs of me and My Man Dancing on the Dance floor.together I.
had dedicated that song to My Husband at Heart.We Danced as I song your song to him.

Anyways It was a Very Special Song I have Just for him.Thank you.I couldn't Exspress My love for him any better than I did thru your song.PS: He Loved it too.God Bless you Sweetheart.

Biggest fan | Reviewer: Andrea Ellis
    ------ About the song When Am I Gonna Get Over You performed by LeAnn Rimes

I Love this Heartfelt song.I can really relate to the words and emotions of her song. It Truly Touches my heart. Im a song stutter myself and Im learning how to Improve my song lyrics and Prayerfully one day I'd Be Blessed and Honored if LeAnn Rimes would Sing one of My songs because I Know she'd put her Heart into it.I remember when she Won the singing contest when she was Only 8 yrs old.My mother and I said Remember her name because one day she'll be famous because she has an Angeles Voice.We we're Right.Love All of your music and God Bless you All of Your life and Thank you for Touching the Heart's of Many.Your Biggest fan Andrea Ellis

Spitfire | Reviewer: Linda Tulley
    ------ About the song Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

I liked the song and it kinda made me want to laugh. I thought the lyrics were cute and funny. It doesn't sound that seriously threatening to me. Just her venting and Her other song, "What have I Done?" Is really beautiful. I didn't think she had it in her to be such a good writer. But she does and I hope she keeps writing and singing. It's the best therapy in the world, and she makes tons of money doing it!

Fabulous! | Reviewer: kady
    ------ About the song Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

What? She can't write what she's thinking or feeling? That's what country lyrics are all about. Real Life. Not necessarily a country or LeAnn Rimes fan, but saw her perform on a talk show and checked out her Spitfire album on Spotify. She Rocked it! Fabulous album, very impressed with her strong voice and the songs were great.

shes human | Reviewer: Dee
    ------ About the song What Have I Done performed by LeAnn Rimes

People make mistakes. I am not in agreement with cheating but people make mistakes its clear she is really sorry for the pain she has caused. Those that are without sin cast the first stone.

YAWN | Reviewer: Boredinwyoming
    ------ About the song Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

I think this song is great and you all need to get a life. HE DIDN'T CHEAT ON YOU! Until you have walked in her shoes quit judging. Guaranteed his ex-wife is no angel and owns her share of the blame. Watch her on Housewives you will understand! Huge BIOTCH!

Whoa Ladies | Reviewer: Ro
    ------ About the song Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

It seems to me the decision to hate this album was decided prior to the pen hitting paper. Yikes! I'm not a fan but saw a short preview of the prerelease. Curious I came to this site. I would like to believe she has some remorse and is moving past the mess she is admitting she caused. Looks like the first wife is reviewing this too? What is that about? Time to get a new hobby. She should be happy to be done with the MAN and move on.

WOW i feel that | Reviewer: mary
    ------ About the song What Have I Done performed by LeAnn Rimes

wow this is such a beautiful song about her ex hubby deen wow i guess we get so caught up in the leann brani feud that we need to realize that someone else was hurt in this too not jus brani

So inlove | Reviewer: Nicole Cenci
    ------ About the song How Do I Live performed by LeAnn Rimes

I heard this song tonight on "The Voice" and it brought me to tears. I'm so inlove with a man whose going through a really tough time in his life and a week after he said he had falling inlove with me, he broke up with me. My best friend had died and he thought that I was rejecting him when I was really just grieving for my friend. It was so hard for him to open up in the first place and now he is stuffing his feelings again and I just want him to know how important he is to me and I don't know how I could live without him in my life. He is my world, my heart, my soul. He's everything good in my life and I would do anything to have his love back. A great song for my greatest love. ♥

Oh Come On | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

I have heard the whole album and think this is her finest work thus far.Don't feel sorry for Glanville and her $12000 snatch. If anyone is crazy it's her. But musically Spit Fire is very good. There is NOT one song on this I do not like.

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