LeAnn Rimes Albums

  • Unchained Melody: The Early Years Album
    Cowboy's Sweetheart
    I Will Always Love You
    Blue Moon Of Kentucky
    River Of Love
    The Rest Is History
    Broken Wing
    Sure Thing
    Share My Love
    Unchained Melody

  • Spitfire Album (4/16/2013)
    What Have I Done
    Gasoline and Matches
    You Ain't Right
    I Do Now
    Where I Stood
    You've Ruined Me
    A Waste Is a Terrible Thing To Mind
    Just a Girl Like You
    God Takes Care of Your Kind
    Who We Really Are

  • Lady And Gentlemen Album (9/27/2011)
    Wasted Days And Wasted Nights
    The Only Mama That'll Walk The Line
    I Can't Be Myself
    16 Tons
    Help Me Make It Through The Night
    Rose Colored Glasses
    A Good Hearted Woman
    When I Call Your Name
    He Stopped Loving Her Today
    The Bottle Let Me Down
    Crazy Women

  • Family Album (10/9/2007)
    Doesn't Everybody
    Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine
    I Want You With Me
    Nothin' Better To Do
    One Day Too Long
    Pretty Things
    Something I Can Feel
    Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore
    Upper Hand
    What I Cannot Change

  • Whatever We Wanna Album (9/1/2006)
  • This Woman Album (1/25/2005)
  • What A Wonderful World Album (10/12/2004)
  • Greatest Hits Album (11/18/2003)
  • Twisted Angel Album (1/1/2002)
  • God Bless America Album (10/6/2001)
  • I Need You Album (1/30/2001)
  • Leann Rimes Album (10/26/1999)
  • Sittin' On Top Of The World Album (5/5/1998)
  • You Light Up My Life Album (9/9/1997)
  • Blue Album (8/1/1996)

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    Reviews about LeAnn Rimes albums
    spitfire | Reviewer: Briana
        ------ About the album Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

    Personally I love the album even though it sort of capitalizes on her affair;Leann is an amazing artist and yes she has made lots of mistakes but she is happy so all the negativity should just come to an end.

    Lame | Reviewer: Cheeky
        ------ About the album Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

    God takes care of people like you is an interesting song. Calling the kettle black? Sad that she was better at 15 and will never be that great again. The album was childish and just her trying to justify everything. Maybe she should write a less bitter album being since she married the guy she had the affair with? It was just bad taste to come out with something like this. If she is so happy she should be less bitter.

    HighSchool | Reviewer: Adult
        ------ About the album Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

    These songs sound more from a spoiled teen than an adult. Yes compared to AJ and BP. At least all parties handled things in an adult manner. This album would have been more accepted had it bit done by Taylor Swift. Just my opinion as an adult and parent.

    Spitfire | Reviewer: Allison
        ------ About the album Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

    I like Spitfire and most of the songs with it. Why Leann Rimes is being so heavily punished with ALL the negative talk versus SO MANY OTHERS MALE & FEMALE that has committed infidelity (and NO I do NOT agree OR approve) is way beyond me! Personally I like Spitfire and most of the songs on there. Most people who are creative will write about their experiences- act them out- whatever. I know it is a very heavy price to pay FOR ALL INVOLVED ( my sister tore our family apart and she was in her 50's and both knew better).
    I still like Spitfire and have bought some songs off there.

    Just plain wrong | Reviewer: Fee
        ------ About the album Spitfire performed by LeAnn Rimes

    I know that LeAnn has been put into the media eye with the cheating etc but some of me thinks she did it on purpose to get the media attention. From where I stand, I have not watched Angelina in a movie due to how she went about getting her man and I will now not listen to LeAnn for the same reason. I have found these songs not to be beautiful but saddening and frightening with the lyrics.

    I realise she was not the first that her partner had been with while married but you would think that she would have stood back until the marriage is properly dissolved before jumping into bed. That may have been more of the "kind hearted" thing to do.

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