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BORN: August 28, 1982

With her phenomenal early success, LeAnn Rimes has gone from being the little girl from Garland, Texas with the big voice to a contemporary, cosmopolitan young woman. Possessing one of the most spectacular voices in the business, as well as an incredible gift for performing, LeAnn made her motion picture debut in 2000 in the film "Coyote Ugly," stunning audiences with a fresh look and sound that are reflective of her growth as a young adult.

LeAnn recently ventured through the historic and rugged Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to record a musical special for "Music in High Places." Airing on DirecTV throughout Spring 2001, and on VH-1 in June and July 0f 2001, the show is an excellent showcase for LeAnn's personality and extraordinary vocal talent. The special features acoustic performances on the picturesque beaches of Punte Morales; near the crocodile-infested swamplands of the Yucatan jungle; in the expansive ancient ball courts of Chichén Itzá and atop the pyramids of Izamal. LeAnn also performs a chillingly beautiful a cappella version of "Amazing Grace" in the stunning 16th century San Bernadino de Siena Convent. While all of the performances bear LeAnn's musical trademark, her fun and adventurous spirit shines through as she explores the ancient ruins and interacts with the local people.

LeAnn was born August 28, 1982 in Jackson, Mississippi, and began singing before she reached the age of two. She moved to Texas a few years later, and by age 11, had recorded her first album, All That, which was released on a small, independent label. The buzz created throughout Dallas by this album garnered the attention of Curb Records. Shortly thereafter, LeAnn released her remarkable major label debut, Blue, which went multi-platinum. The title track from that album ultimately became one of her signature songs.

In the following year, LeAnn released You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs, and accomplished a feat never before achieved by a Country artis–the album debuted simultaneously on three Billboard Magazine charts (Pop, Country and Contemporary Christian). Next came The Early Years: Unchained Melody, a compilation of her compelling early work, which went multi-platinum. LeAnn had a massive hit with the #1 pop single "How Do I Live," which currently holds the Billboard chart record of 32 consecutive weeks at #1. This single also gave LeAnn the distinction of becoming the first Country artist ever to achieve triple-platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). She is also only the second woman, along with Whitney Houston, ever to earn this honor. "How Do I Live" has also recently passed the 200-week mark on the Top Country Singles Sales Charts; this is the first time any single has reached the 200 mark on any Billboard chart.

LeAnn's career has been marked by more than stratospheric record sales. In 1997, she won two Grammys, including "Best New Artist," which marked the first time a Country artist had ever captured that honor. She also won an American Music Award, three Academy of Country Music awards, a TNN Music City News award, Billboard's special "Hot 100" award, and the CMA "Horizon Award." LeAnn closed that year with four Billboard Music Awards, including "Artist of the Year." Overseas, she has also been awarded the BBC's prestigious "Rising Star" award.

In 1998, LeAnn recorded and released Sittin' On Top of the World. The album featured the hit single "Commitment," as well as "Looking Through Your Eyes," which was included on the soundtrack of the animated film "Quest for Camelot."

The following year, LeAnn released the self-titled LeAnn Rimes, which featured her unique interpretations of 11 Country standards including "Crazy," "I Fall To Pieces," "Leavin' On Your Mind," and "Me And Bobby McGee." The album produced the smash hit single "Big Deal." Among her professional and personal highlights that year, LeAnn credits recording "Written In The Stars," a duet with Elton John for the award-winning soundtrack to the Broadway musical, "Aida," and traveling to Europe to present a special Thanksgiving Day concert for the Pope. She also enjoyed serving as "Good Morning America’s" celebrity host for the American Music Awards.

LeAnn made her acting debut in 1997, starring in the ABC movie "Holiday in Your Heart," which aired to public and critical acclaim. The movie was based on the book of the same title, which LeAnn co-wrote with Tom Carter.

In 2000, LeAnn made her motion picture debut in Buena Vista's "Coyote Ugly" for producer Jerry Bruckheimer. In addition to appearing in a surprise cameo in the film, LeAnn recorded four Diane Warren songs for the soundtrack, including the hit single "Can't Fight The Moonlight." Both the album and song were huge multi-platinum hits in the U.S. and worldwide. The album was nominated for an American Music Award and the Blockbuster Entertainment Award in the category of "Favorite Soundtrack" and "Can't Fight The Moonlight" won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for "Favorite Song From A Movie." LeAnn made another soundtrack contribution in 2000, recording the char--topping hit single "I Need You" for the television miniseries "Jesus." LeAnn donated her artist fee and royalties from the single to create a wing at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Tennessee called the LeAnn Rimes Adventure Gym.

LeAnn will soon head back into the studio to record her eighth album, on which she hopes to take some musical departures and give voice to the new and exciting directions in which she is moving as an artist. She is also looking to explore more options in film and television.

LeAnn currently resides in Los Angeles.

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brains | Reviewer: brian copeland | 6/25/12

leann rimes is one of the best if not the best female singer of all times and as far as i am concerned always will be but can anybody tell me the title of the film about her life story where she learns to sing and meets this lady who gets her to sing in the grand old opree then finds out that the woman is a ghost its a fantastic film and i would love to see it again. please help me if you can many thanks.

Country or Not | Reviewer: Geordie | 10/10/09

What annoys me is so many singers since the mid 70 have been labeled as Country singgers LeAnn being one of them LeAnn's musical genre is closer to Blues/Pop Is it because they come from a country music orientated location that they get labeled as country singers?

You producers recoding companies get your acts together Stop calling POP Country

love LeAnn | Reviewer: Milton Williams | 2/2/09

I'm 62 years old and have remembered some of the greatist singers/vocalists since 1954,LeAnn Rimes has become one of my all time favorite singers. Her soul as a preformer has not touched me since Janis Joplin. Love her dearly!

Goldie hawn???? | Reviewer: dsr | 11/14/08

Leann Rimes did not become a star until she was into her teen years and that was in the 90s. She was adopted if i do remember correctly. But in order for her to have been born in the 40s she would have to be in her 60 or even in her mid to late 50s and i promise you she is not that old. BUt i to love her music and no offense to you i was just merely stating what i know and what she has said

Mississippi | Reviewer: MS boy | 4/7/08

Was you or was you not born in Mississippi? I mean you grandfather opened his own business here. I know now Ms. Sue is running the restrant. So do you are you ashamed of MS or was you not born or raised here? Please email me and tell me ........

Pure Country | Reviewer: TN Girl | 11/22/07

I grew up listening to country music...you know Shania, Kenny, Toby...to name a few... And Leann has always been my favorite, and I think it's great that she has been so successful through the years. Congrats Girl!

Birthdate 1982???? | Reviewer: iris wigle-cutforth | 7/27/07

What are you promoting and who are you promoting? LeAnn Rimes was not born in 1982. LeAnn had another name...Goldie Hawn without a fake mole and Goldie was born in the forties. Are you fake relatives or something?

hi | Reviewer: elsie | 7/5/07

I really find your voice, the best of all those I heard. Actually I have photos of you with me, and I hope to see you in person. You are very beautiful, I really like you eyes. Continue the good work.

I love leann Rimes | Reviewer: Tiffany | 5/15/07

i dont think Leann rimes will really read this but i would just like to say that i am only 12 years old and i am from australia Leann rimes has been my favourite singer since i got the album twisted angel when i was 9 i no it sounds pretty gay but noone my age likes her music accept my best friend she had never heard of leann rimes until she met me in 2005 and now she is absolutely in love with her as i sAid before i am only 12 years old and Leann is my favourite singer i can name like atlest 40 of her song by heart and i am doing an assignment on her for school and i wood really like to meet her 1 day

I love Leann Rimes | Reviewer: leah | 5/2/07

Eloo.. I love your voice, so amazing and soft. I recently won a comp singing How do i live.. i also did it on stars in your eyes.. and won thta too.. they all say i sound just like you. i wanna be a singer when i leave collage.. cant wait! im auditiong 4 x factor too.. ~:D x i have made my own version of how do i live.. its great.. carry on doing what you do best.. x

True Country | Reviewer: Rick | 10/1/05

LeAnn Rimes has a true country voice. For fans who grew up on country music, she is special. Here's hoping that she will always continue to maintain the tradition and not be overly swayed to pop culture.

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