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The best thing to come out of America this year" Steve
Lamacq autumn 99

Le Tigre (lay-tee-gruh) is a new band featuring Kathleen
Hanna (formerly of Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, The Fakes &
Suture), Sadie Benning (internationally known videomaker)
and Johanna Fateman (writer behind the zines
'Artaud-Mania!' and 'My Need To Speak on the Subject of
Jackson Pollock').

Le Tigre uses samples, claves, farfisa, a live dj, guitar,
voices and beats to make their music. Their sound touches
on conceptual garage, digital More...

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Review about Le Tigre songs
Rises to the top after the test of time | Reviewer: JImbo
    ------ About the song The Empty performed by Le Tigre

The self-titled CD is stuck in my car's player, and I escape to it whenever I can't find a college station with guts. Track 4 gets my blood pumping as uniquely LOUD on this artsy album IN YOUR FACE LOUD. You listen to it a few times, and it's easy to pick out 'All that Glitters is not Gold' nicely layered on top, but what is the core being shouted in the background? "I went to your concert and didn't hear anything" calling so-called stars out for their manufactured bubble gum choreographed dance step routines to sell albums. Wish I saw them more that the once I did live down the 'shore (that place still remains, yet empty (Fast Lane, Asbury)).

stupid | Reviewer: lee
    ------ About the song We Like The Cars That Go Boom performed by Le Tigre

This song is so fun it's stupid! The kids at my job got a real kick when I randomly sang the chorus that popped into my brain from who- knows-where and insisted I download the lyrics. Now we sing it together just to well, be stupid and make the workday pass

Artist correction - should be JJ Fad | Reviewer: Karla
    ------ About the song We Like The Cars That Go Boom performed by Le Tigre

i remember this! My cousin and I used to kareoke to it. Definately not as good as they were. 1987. BTW, the group(artist) is JJ Fad. Tigre and Bunny D are the rapper's name.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We Like The Cars That Go Boom performed by Le Tigre

I'm a 30 year old woman and my girlfriend and I used to dance to this in her garage all the time when we were in 4th grade. I thought in the song they say Tigre and Bunny.its the original song from the 80's. Oh well. This is such an 80's song still love it.

I had the bird record | Reviewer: Susan
    ------ About the song Deceptacon performed by Le Tigre

"How are you?
Fine, thank you.
How are you?
Fine, thank you."
I knew this was from a bird training record from years ago pre CD era and makes total sense after reading this line from the lyrics "You're just a parrot and you're screaming and you're shouting
More crackers please, more crackers please"

Wow | Reviewer: Wow . . .
    ------ About the song Deceptacon performed by Le Tigre

Wow, some of you guys are pathetic. First of all its who put the bomp. Bomb wouldnt make sense. Second, playing this song 10 times a day on stereo, like fuck. Good job, want a pat on the back. And Le tigre isnt about money . . well every muscian is about art u dumb fuck. And there is money invloved in famous art, so they are obviously into the money as well. Fuck u idiots.

que no estoy curada! | Reviewer: fotolog.com/quenoestoycurada
    ------ About the song Deceptacon performed by Le Tigre

can i say something?
i saw them playing dj in razzmatazz barcelona!
i didnt know thm but since ive been looking for everything about them. and see ive found this song...
and can't stop hearing it

Le Tigre's "HOT TOPIC" bridges generations | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hot Topic performed by Le Tigre

There's endless talk about the major generational schism between old-school lesbian-feminists and today's young women, many of whom embrace all feminist values but reject the word "feminist." This is a song that bridges the gap completely, honoring the contributions of an amazingly diverse slate of people who've come before, calling to younger women to learn about these pioneers who could be/SHOULD be inspirational role models... and all with an irresistible musical hook. Kudos to Le Tigre!
Toni Armstrong Jr.
former editor of HOT WIRE: The Journal of Women's Music and Culture

sakjjka | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We Like The Cars That Go Boom performed by Le Tigre

its not by le tigre, just like some of the other guys said
it was from the 80s

these girls | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Deceptacon performed by Le Tigre

I fricking love them

and do you know how many arguments I've gotten into over JD's gender?

I love them!!
and if I were a girl, I'd totally love to be with ANY of them.
love theemmmmm!!!!!!!

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