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Le Shok are an un-supergroup of Long Beach, CA, hardcore
stars combining nonchalant offensiveness with blaring
keyboards self-described as "new wave violence." Much of
their legacy, like the Locust, involves mysterious
pseudonyms, rare record releases, and other collectable
merchandise. They started in 1997 when Andrew (bassist,
also of Treadwell) called Joey (drummer, keyboard player in
the Locust) to return the drum set he borrowed and they
decided to start the band. Singer Todd "happened to be in
the room" and was thus drafted More...

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Review about Le Shok songs
I need help | Reviewer: Sushil K
    ------ About the song Give Me Something, Help Me Please performed by Le Shok

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This is a cover song!! | Reviewer: David Microwave
    ------ About the song TV In My Eye performed by Le Shok

The original was written and recorded by Los Microwaves in 1981.
The "inaudible" lyric is because Le Shok didn't know what it was! it is:
"the ADI is in the next room...
the target group is you and me"
For non-marketing people, ADI is "area of dominant influence". Principle writers of the song were Meg Brazill and David Javelosa... google them!

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