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Le Shok Biography

Last updated: 09/18/2007 12:00:00 PM

Le Shok are an un-supergroup of Long Beach, CA, hardcore stars combining nonchalant offensiveness with blaring keyboards self-described as "new wave violence." Much of their legacy, like the Locust, involves mysterious pseudonyms, rare record releases, and other collectable merchandise. They started in 1997 when Andrew (bassist, also of Treadwell) called Joey (drummer, keyboard player in the Locust) to return the drum set he borrowed and they decided to start the band. Singer Todd "happened to be in the room" and was thus drafted into the band. Darryl Licht (keyboards, bassist for the Action League) then joined and Rusty (also of Treadwell) was enlisted on bass. Shortly after their first practice they recorded "Who Cares?," the first in a long series of intricately designed and pressed 7" records on various SoCal labels. Since every member of the band has worked at Zed Records, they had no problem attracting notice from the city's punk scene and as soon as they began their live shows -- a blend of confrontation and violence reminiscent of New York City band Black Dice Their first full-length, We Are Electrocution, was recorded by Mike McHugh (Rocket From the Crypt, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Servotron, etc.) at the Distillery for GSL Records. After a series of personnel changes, the band dissolved in 2001 for members to pursue their past and current other projects. ~ Daphne Carr, All Music Guide