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Hello little boys, little toys
We’re the dreams you'll believe in
Crawling up the walls
Running down your face
Razor sharp, razor clean
Feel the weapon's sensation
On your back...
With loaded guns

Now hold on to me pretty baby
If you want to fly
I’m gonna melt the fever sugar
Rolling back your eyes

We're gonna ride the race cars
We’re gonna dance on fire
We’re the girls Le Disko
Supersonic overdrive

So what's it gonna take?
Silver shadow believer....
Spock rocker with your dirty eyes

It's a chance, gonna move
gonna fuck up your ego
silly boy, gonna make you cry

Now hold on to me pretty baby
If you want to fly
I’m gonna melt the fever sugar
Rolling back your eyes

[Chorus x2]

If what they say is true...
You’re a boy - and I'm a girl
I will never fall in love with you

[Chorus x3]

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Women as predators. | Reviewer: CapnScumbone | 2/25/14

This song, to me, is about the true nature of women, and how men are seen as either toys, or worse, prey. The truth about that makes me wish I was gay, but I have to settle for bitter asexuality. On the bright side, no kids, divorce, or heartbreak.

I fucking love this song. It reminds me to never date and to only screw at raves.

Sexuality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/12

I think it's about sexuality and how men assume women desire them and build their lives around being with them. She's leading them on a wild goose chase, all the while laughing at their ignorance and presumptive nature. You can assume she's either not straight or she just doesn't want a relationship.

coke, if anything | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/10

I'd doubt this song is about heroin. The song is far too driving and energetic, and the whole melting line is occuring within the person not the singer. If it's about a drug, I'd guess cocaine due to the razor references (used for cutting lines) maybe ecstacy (more associated with the club/dance scene). The line "Supersonic Overdrive" really suggests some kind of upper.

However, I don't think the song is about drugs. It seems like it's more about sexuality and the resulting relationships.

A little more in depth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/08

Yeah so this song is about shooting heroin. Seems like most people here arent the opioid types. Melt the fever sugar refers to melting down the tar. And rolling back your eyes is about the incredible euphoria caused at the moment you inject. Just thought Id fill you in.

Pretty much amazing... | Reviewer: Tana | 2/18/08

This is an amazing song, no matter your intepretation of the lyric meanings. The band is an amazing band. You hear them a lot on tv around here, but that's pretty much it. So, props to suffering from insomnia, around here I do get to keep them all to myself. :)

=P | Reviewer: Kate | 12/2/07

hey suffering from insominia i am a lesbian too!! lol this song is amazing i must say. i new about it forever and now like everyone knows it. oh well.

the black sheep loves. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/07

Wow.. I'm in love with this song. I literally have it on the repeat setting on my iPod and gave probably listened to it about 56 times in one day. None of my family likes it, but I've always been the black sheep in the family anyways so..., whatever. What an amazing song :)

coolness | Reviewer: dead_princess | 10/28/07

im not used to appreciate music put on tv for cell phones spot but i have to admit this is pretty cool..i like it very much and the lead singer pretty much rocks huh??


COMMENT | Reviewer: anthony | 10/22/07


howling_wolf_03@hotmail.it contact me on messenger...

great song much? | Reviewer: blair<3 | 10/14/07

Yeah I'm not lesbian or bi, but I dnt hav a prob w/ it eaither...and if the lead singer is a lesbian tats kewl 2...I like the song cos its about girls showing guys how much we really do use them...which we only do cos they're assholes...lol...well, most of them anyways. But they're also superrcute

evil | Reviewer: silver shadow belive jd | 7/2/07

this song is sich and twisted and torchurose and what ever i love it!silver shadow beliver

omgosh. | Reviewer: Mimi | 5/24/07

she is so very delicious.... as is this song ...
it makes me dance on so many levels

suffering from insominia | Reviewer: My name here | 4/30/07

Well i'm a lesbian and it makes me enjoy the song that much more!!! Lol... I loved the song and this band before they got popular and now you hear Le Disko everywhere... Which is good-news for them! Whatever-news for us selfish assholes who like to keep the good music to ourselves and keep it out of mainstream... Anywho just wanted to say that this song is the SHIT!!!!! However I started rambling.. And here I go again...

YUM | Reviewer: Kelsey | 5/1/07

Wow. Glad that Carah Faye is the hottest girl alive.... glad I'm bi. Seriously. I watch the music video all the time. She's so sexy! Great song!

Nicki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/07

This song makes me want to go lesbian!

Also makes me want to go clubbing, oh wait... thats tomorow night! THIS SONG IS FUCKING AMAZING!

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