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Lazy Hammock Biography

Last updated: 10/13/2012 09:53:46 AM

Lazy Hammock a.k.a Lucie Burns, has a long history in the music business. She's been a part of many different scenes, mixing with many a musician. Read her journey below...

It all started when Lucie wrote her first song aged 12, while she was supposed to be doing her classical piano practice. It continued from there, with her sometimes writing up to 3 songs a day! Ffwd to 1994 when she did a music technology and performance course at CM and met fellow student Filthy Rich, who was a Jungle DJ and Producer. She started Mc-ing and singing on his tracks, and before you know it, they had formed the duo, Filthy Rich and Hermione (lucie's 2nd name). They released a couple of tracks with SOUR Records and Botchit and Scarper, and did some touring around Europe, with their unique set, as there weren't many female mc's at that time, especially one's who were quite political, and one's that sang and MC'd. While at CM, Lucie came across Asian Dub Foundation, they recognised her talent and asked her to put some vocals on a couple of tracks for them, she also performed with them on stage, on a few occasions. Also, while recording with SOUR records, Lucie was then introduced to MJ Cole, who was then known as Matt Coleman, and they asked her to do a cover with him. Lucie didn't really want to do a cover but grabbed the opportunity to work with Matt, and she chose the song 'I put a spell on you' originally recorded by Nina Simone. They released the track as 'Spell', and what a beautiful track it was.

Her introduction to chillout music came when she was out in Spain with Filthy Rich, performing at a festival in Vigo. One of her specialitiy's used to be, getting on the mic when a good DJ was playing. The difference though, to Lucie and other Mc's / vocalists, was that she didn't want to drown the DJ out, but to complement them. She perfected her craft of lyrical freestlye, blended with the most beautiful smooth vocals, at times you would think there were 2 or 3 different people on the mic, as she could go from rapping to singing, from singing to spoken word, but only when the music asked for it. Many a time people wouldn't even realise she was performing, they thought it was a CD, until they caught a glimpse of her, and once they did, they found it hard to believe what they were seeing. It was this that she did at the Vigo festival when she heard Steve Miller (Afterlife) playing a DJ set near the beach. She loved the tunes that he spun and asked him if she could get on the mic, he was very reluctant, but she persuaded him, got on the mic, and then the crowd came. After the set, Steve asked if she would co-write a couple of songs with him for his debut album 'Simplicity', she said 'yes' and the songs 'Show you Something' and 'Borneo is Burning' were born. To this day 'Show you Something' is still played and licensed all over the world. At that time she was still using the name 'Hermione.' What Lucie didn't know, was that while she was singing on Steve Miller's set, Jose Padilla (Compiler of Cafe Del Mar Series), was watching. The next day, he was going to be doing his set near the beach, but he refused to go on, until they found 'that girl on the mic yesterday'. She was found and did a set with him, which completely blew people away. Afterwards he told her, that she had inspired him to write his next album! At that same festival, she also persuaded 'Big Audio Dynamite' to let her join them on stage. They did and she sang alongide Mick Jones. It was a fantastic gig.

Since then Lucie has performed alongside DJ's and also had her own bands, including 'Kyoto Moon' which she wrote all the material for and has collaborated on lots of projects. In 2007 she decided she needed to do something different, go in a different direction, find a project where she could combine all her talent. One day whilst sitting on her bed, in deep thought, after a long meditation session, the name 'LAZY HAMMMOCK' popped into her head. She wondered if it was the name of a song, or an album, but then realised that it was to be her new artist name. She was to continue in the field she was already most succesful in, chillout / down-tempo, as people already knew her voice. Since then, she has been signed by German label Diventa Music, written and produced 3 albums under her Lazy Hammock name, and has just finished writing the fourth, has had tracks licensed to many big labels, countless collaborations, remixes and DJ sets. She is now also the UK Label Head for Diventa Music, Radio presenter and vocalist. Lucie's aim is to uplift and inspire people. This is her dream and yes, she's living it!