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Laurie Anderson's "O Superman" launched her recording
career, rising to number two on the British pop charts and
subsequently appearing on Big Science, the first of
seven albums for Warner Bros., including Mister
Heartbreak,United States live, Strange Angels, Bright Red,
and the soundtrack to the feature film Home of the Brave.
Ms. Anderson is currently recording her first release for
Nonesuch Records, Songs and Stories from Moby Dick,while
her award-winning CD-ROM Puppet Motel has just been
re-released by Voyager.

Ms. More...

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Reviews about Laurie Anderson songs

Laurie Anderson's Ramon | Reviewer: Chuck
    ------ About the song Ramon performed by Laurie Anderson

This is my favorite Laurie Anderson song. Ramon tells the truth; we don't know where we came from and we don't know where we're going, but we can care about each other, we have the choice to be people who give a damn, or we can at least try. So, try.

First Time | Reviewer: Norgus
    ------ About the song O Superman performed by Laurie Anderson

This is the first time I heard Laurie Andeson. Really great, this music makes me calm now that I am trying to quit cigarettes, it's like a substitute. =) I going to try and find second hand LP:s and stuff now!

partial lyrics for walk the dog | Reviewer: richard dubberstein
    ------ About the song Walk The Dog performed by Laurie Anderson

I barely remember, but I think it went:
I came home today, and you were on fire.
your hair was on fire
your cloths were on fire,
and I did'nt know what to do.
So I think I'll go outside and walk the dog.

hiawatha | Reviewer: thomas bjorn larsen
    ------ About the song Hiawatha performed by Laurie Anderson

lyrics correction. second last line "ones" should rather read "cones" as I hear it.

best regards


just joe | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dream Before performed by Laurie Anderson

This song is great, it is a simple song with a simple story that echos in your head. It captures a sense of loss that everyone feels.

Not in control | Reviewer: michael
    ------ About the song Baby Doll performed by Laurie Anderson

For me, this song expressed the furstration of being a prisoner to my surroundings, even my own brain. It is about the vulnerability and effeteness of 'me'; although I think I rule myself, I suspect that I am like a toddler trying to drive a juggernaut, and that often for my own safety, my brain has to make 'me' play a minor role in my life. The song expresses this so well, and with humour, as Laurie's brain says to her 'You and whose army', or 'take me out to the ball game'. Witty, simple, and a catchy tune.

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