Laurie Anderson Albums

  • Mister Heartbreak Album
    Sharkey's Day
    Langue D'Amour
    Gravity's Angel
    Excellent Birds
    Blue Lagoon
    Sharkey's Night

  • Home Of The Brave Album
    Smoke Rings
    White Lily
    Late Show
    Talk Normal
    Language is a Virus
    Credit Racket
    Sharkey's Night

  • Big Science Album
    From The Air
    Big Science
    Walking & Falling
    Born, Never Asked
    O Superman
    Example #22
    Let X=X
    It Tango

  • Life on a String Album (4/1/2001)
    One White Whale
    The Island Where I Come From
    Pieces and Parts
    Here With You
    Slip Away
    My Compensation
    Dark Angel
    Washington Street
    One Beautiful Evening
    Life on a String
    Statue of liberty

  • The Ugly One With The Jewels Album (4/1/1995)
  • Bright Red Album (10/25/1994)
  • Strange Angels Album (10/1/1989)

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