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Lauren Christy Biography

Last updated: 05/07/2009 12:00:00 PM

Lauren Christy was born in London and from an early age she wanted to be a ballet dancer. From age 11 to 17 she studied at the Bush Davies Ballet School before realizing her true aspirations lay as a singer/songwriter.

She played with several bands, her first band was called "Pink Ash", six guys and "Susie Reptile" (Lauren). She locked herself away for a year with a couple of keyboards, a four-track recording studio and wrote a whole load of songs, with the idea that her way to being "a star" was to get a publishing deal as a songwriter. By 18, Lauren had both a publishing deal and a major label record contract.

Now living in Los Angeles, Lauren Christy released her self titled semi autobiographical debut album in 1993. She was brought up listening to the "techno" stuff like The Human League and producer Tony Peluso gave the album the 90's sound Lauren was looking for. You could classify the music on this first album as Adult Contemporary.

Two singles were released from this album, 'You read me wrong' and 'Steep'. After this, she wrote a song for the Bruce Willis movie "The Color of Night". The song is on the soundtrack album of this movie and is also added as a bonus-track on the re-release of her debut album.

Through 1995 Lauren has been writing for her new record Breed in London with Gary Clark. It was released in July, 1997. You can find one of the songs on the Breast Cancer Awareness album Woman to Woman 2 and another one on the new Batman & Robin album. No Adult Contemporary music this time, Lauren has changed her style drastically on this new album. Now her music is compared with Alanis Morisette and Meredith Brooks.

Lauren also appeared on the Jay Leno Show a while back. She sang 'You read me wrong' and was backed by Branford Marsalis and band (he took the solo in the song). After the song, she did a short interview with Leno. She said she used to be with the Royal Ballet.