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On Stoned Soul Picnic: The Best Of Laura Nyro, a
compilation of her twenty-five years with Columbia Records,
the innovative artistry of Laura’s singing and songwriting
is in full celebration. Contained in this collection are
her original songs of spiritual, social and sensual vision.
Experimenting with form and feeling, her work shares a
connection with modern poetry and art. Her songs have
inspired musicians and music lovers for over three decades.

“I would go out singing, as a teenager, to a party or out
on the street, because More...

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Review about Laura Nyro songs
I know her | Reviewer: Maria
    ------ About the song Christmas in My Soul performed by Laura Nyro

This piece of music is so uplifting. I hope people will listen to the lyrics carefully. It is still so contemporary in today's world. Great gift to us, I love Laura and I always will. I felt as though I know her.

Dan Nigro and I commented on this subject at lenght | Reviewer: Ralph Bruno
    ------ About the song Emmie performed by Laura Nyro

Please see - "An Open Letter to Dan Nigro Re: Laura Nyro."

To say any more would be to abuse the very generous allowance to state my views that sing365 has already afforded me. Agape Rabdrake

    ------ About the song Emmie performed by Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro's family (The Nigro family) finds it offensive that this person is claiming that our family member was at any time ever courting a 13 year old (or 16 year old or 17 year old) teenager. This song is about Laura the young woman singing out to her fading girlhood, or as Laura herself put it "it's about the eternal feminine." Laura and Maria became acquainted in 1980, and Ralph Bruno knew neither of them and is in no position to make any such claims as he has here.

Reason for ur pain | Reviewer: Sameena
    ------ About the song Buy and Sell performed by Laura Nyro

There were days where I had my doubts, and the memories of u I tried to washout; but it was really hard to let u go, and that now I have, I feel like a shadow.                                                  *[.I'm the reason for ur pain, I'm the one u should blame; these r things i cant explain, but there's one thing I should say, u drive me insane.].          

Christmas in my Soul by Laura Nyro | Reviewer: Joyce Gallagher Neelon
    ------ About the song Christmas in My Soul performed by Laura Nyro

When I was fifteen and an aspiring singer, I came home everyday from school and work and immediately put on "Christmas in my soul" I always felt good after my creative writing class but started to get depressed cooking: Hot Dogs and Hamburgs and making Ice Cream by hand called the "Walk away Sunday" That is what I wanted to do Walk away on home and put on Laura Nyro one of my favorite artists. I would play "Christmas in my soul in Spring, Summer, it didn't matter Because when you have Christmas in your soul no depression comes a knockin. I would play and sing that song at least 15 times in a row until my mother would come downstairs and say "how about a little Joni Mitchell the only artist she couldn't listen to one song over an over, but she loved one song at a time as I caught her singing "Call her little Green", "The Priest" "Big Yellow Taxi" Thank God for Joni as she allowed me to get back to singing all the rest of the songs by Laura and became totally undepressed by 800pm, the time for my blind date and walking around with Christmas in my soul.
My Dates starting out that way always seemed to work out right. Even though she is no longer live on this earth, we still feel joy walking around with Christmas in our Souls.

The Bells, Laura Nyro | Reviewer: combo
    ------ About the song The Bells performed by Laura Nyro

word to the bird reviewer above me.
i have a three minute version of Laura Nyro singing "the bells" with a group called LaBelle and it's among the most breathtaking accomplishments of a group of a vocalists on record, ever since before records began. if anyone is a fan of "60s girl groups", "harmonic vocal arrangements", "soul", "the gospel music", "deep song", "singer/songwriters", "jazz", "american songbook", "spirituals" - check this song out, it's none of those things but it's worth hearing for all of those things, as is the whole album Gonna Take a Miracle (they do "Dancing In the Street", "You've Really Got A Hold On Me", "Spanish Harlem", "Up On the Roof", "Ain't Nothin Like the Real Thing", "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman")

Désiree - unmistakably a Sapphic Reverie | Reviewer: Ralph Bruno
    ------ About the song Desiree performed by Laura Nyro

Thank you for the feedback.

First, there is my gratitude to for its generosity to me. As needed, please refer to my comments already posted with

Let's concede arguendo that you are right. Nevertheless, what is going on with "American Dove" performed live on May 30, 1971 and "Désiree" recorded July 1971? Singing passionately, about both a man and woman, in less than sixty days attests to her bisexuality and not her being a lesbian. I have already made the argument here for Désiree re: Maria Desiderio.

“Emmie’ was pop’s first lesbian love song,” a comment posted by Alanna Nash, April 25, 1997, seventeen days after Laura passed away.

LGBT wikia article link Re: "Emmie (Laura Nyro song)."

Be sure to use the link to the back cover of ELI.

“So let the wind blow Timer…/ I like her song and if the song goes minor - I won’t mind”

“And if you love me true - I’ll spend my life with you – you and Timer...carved in a heart on a berry tree.” – Laura n’ Maria ‘67

Talk to the right man | Reviewer: RW Donn
    ------ About the song Desiree performed by Laura Nyro

To: "Ralph Bruno"

Regarding all this reconstructionist supposition about Laura Nyro I ask you:

has ANYone talked to Laura Nyro's ex-husband?

Funny how much an ex-wife can know about her ex- and she gets asked about it over and over. Yet, David Balinchini doesn't seem to field ANY questions from ANYbody about his ex-wife, Laura Nyro. I think there is a guy who would know alot. And, Jackson Browne is still alive and around.

Maybe she found her life's partner in a woman. Maybe she just found someone she could live with and deal with the hurt of having lost a man she loved. And, it may be no one we know about.

Go listen to Wedding Bell Blues. THAT is also the real Laura Nyro. And, she spoke to millions with that song. It could be the eHarmony theme song. And, we KNOW what thinks of eHarmony's sexual orientation!

Four Songs about Maria by Laura | Reviewer: Ralph Bruno
    ------ About the song Emmie performed by Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro and Maria Desiderio were life partners. Maria was born on June 9, 1954.

The two women became enamored of each other around 1967. The Italians call it "Flamma" (flames - It describes a relationship between a younger and older woman).

Laura's song "Emmie" is about Maria. "Emmie your momma's been a callin’ you. “Whoooo? Who stole momma's heart and cuddled in her garden, darlin’ Emmie?"
Also with "Emmie," on the album “Eli & the Thirteenth Confession” is "Timer." This song is also about Maria. "I like her song, and if the song goes minor I won't mind..."

In July of 1971, Laura adapted her version of the song "Désiree." The song was the closest she came to coming out about her relationship with Maria. It is more than a remarkable coincidence that Desiderio and Desiree both mean desire.

On May 30, 1971, at the Fillmore East, Laura opened the live concert with the debut of "American Dove." This song was to her fiancé, a decorated Vietnam War Veteran. "It's been a long time coming I mean love." At this concert, she sings a redacted version of "Timer." Among other lines referring to Maria, Laura also excised the line "I like her song."

Then in July of 1971, in the recording of the album "Gonna Take a Miracle" she sings her heart out to Maria in "Désiree." I believe the reason was that Maria and Laura had a rendezvous, perhaps to celebrate Maria's 17th birthday. The song is unmistakably a Sapphic reverie.

Her song "Roadnotes" is also to Maria. By 1984, with the release of the album "Mother's Spiritual" everyone accepts that Laura and Maria were in a committed relationship. Who else would have been the inspiration for the lyrics "that's right lover," “music in my ear,” “a wild dear,” “a magic potion,” "angel of the night"? "Happy birthday thirties" is not reference to Maria turning 30 in 1984?

Ralph Bruno

A love song to her future husband | Reviewer: Ralph Bruno
    ------ About the song American Dove performed by Laura Nyro

"American Dove" was an origianl work by Laura. She introduced the song in live concert at the Fillmore East on May 30, 1971. According to the liner notes for the CD "SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY," Laura opened the concert with "Amercian Dove" before a capacity house. (Loew's Commodore - seating 2600)
Laura made it clear as to what this song was about. "It's been a long time comin' I mean love." It is significant that as she was to marry in late 1971, the song was variously addressed to "Mama" and "Father." In the several verses addressed to her parents, she emphasized to each of them that "it's been a long time comin I mean love."
Michele Kort, in her biography, "Soul Picnic" corroborates : that David Bianchini was Laura's fiance'; that he was a decorated Vietnam War Veteran; and that they would marry near the end of 1971. Vicki Wickham, the manager of Labelle verified , that at this time "David was around."
The lyric "...but Johnny (ain't) come home from war" identifies her love object as a soldier.
The final stanza exhorted the listener to "tell them the young lord's come (gone) to bring liberty to every one..."
"American Dove" was a love song honoring her future husband. Apart from the live concert and the 2004, CD "SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY," the song was neither perfomred nor recorded again.

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