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Patty Larkin Lately Lyrics

Last updated: 08/23/2012 08:44:50 AM

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by Patty Larkin
Lately I keep you close to heart
Don't ask me where love starts
It's just been Lately
Lately I watch you while you sleep
I watch the hours you keep
You know you're crazy

I used to analyze my love
Wonder where it came from
But no more
I'd take a walk around the block
But I never stopped
Once I'd hit that door

And it's just been Lately
That I turned and took a second look
Don't need to read any book about love

Love was a fairytale affair
A coat I'd never wear
In this old cold storm
You caught me leaning in the wind
Helped me round the bend
Like no one else before

And it's just been Lately
That I turned and took one second look
You got me feeling good about love

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