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Venerea Late Show Lyrics

Last updated: 01/26/2004 04:14:34 AM

Every night
I watch the late show
And you know
my only dream
is to be there on the screen
I'd chat a bit with Dave
he'd listen to what I'd say
and read my name
from a hidden frame
And pretend that he knows me
He'd say I look
like million bucks
Through he doesn't give a fuck
about who I am
About what I'm saying
or what he thinks of me
I just want to be
on international TV
So a lot of people I don't know
can't see me
I wish to God
I was on Dave Letterman
I wish to God
And you can't blame me
I wish to God
I was on Dave Letterman
He's the most powerfull
and comical man
on american TV, D
Television rules
the world we know
And Letterman
sits at the throne
till the break of Dave
when the late late show
comes to take my Dave away

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