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Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi Last Man Standing Lyrics

Last updated: 01/14/2011 10:00:00 AM

Come see a living, breathing spectacle
Only seen right here
It's your last chance in this lifetime
The line forms at the rear
You won't believe your eyes
Your eyes will not believe your ears
Get your money out, get ready
Step right up, yeah you, come here

You ain't seen nothing like him
He's the last one of the breed
You better hold on to your honey
Honeys, don't forget to breathe
Enter at your own risk, mister
It might change the way you think
There's no dancers, there's no diamonds
No this boy he don't lip synch

Here's the last man standing
Step right up, he's the real thing
The last chance of a lifetime
Come and see, hear, feel, the real thing

See those real live calloused fingers
Wrapped around those guitar strings
Kiss the lips where hurt has lingered
It breaks the heart to hear him sing
The songs were more than music They were pictures from the soul
So keep your pseudo-punk, hip-hop, pop-rock junk
And your digital downloads


Take your seats now, folks. It's show time.
Hey, Patrick hit the lights
There's something in the air
There's magic in the night
Now here's the band, they really play
I'll count the first one in
I don't know where it's going
We all know where it's been

[Chorus x2]

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Last Men Standing | Reviewer: Lauren | 1/14/11

They are the Last Men Standing!!! The only ones standing who make good music anyway. A lot better than the crap thats out here these days like Beiber and Ga Ga. Im 14 and I don't listen to them. Bon Jovi 4eva <3

love it | Reviewer: 80's lover | 3/20/10

I love the part "The songs were more than music They were pictures from the soul
So keep your pseudo-punk, hip-hop, pop-rock junk
And your digital downloads". It's so true. My stupid friend says her favourite music is pop and rock because she likes ashley tisdale!!!What a LOOser

RE: one of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/08

It's about the music industry and how it's gone to the pits. The "Last Man Standing" is the term for "the last good music that's actually in the world."

Incidentally I love the line "So keep your pseudo-punk, hip-hop, pop rock junk and your digital downloads." I always laugh when I hear it. Jon really stuck it to those pseudos there.

one of the best songs | Reviewer: amy | 7/23/07

I loved this song from the first time I heard it, but who is it about? I'm still trying to figure it out. I think Bon Jovi is awesome and this has got to be one of the best songs he's done so far. When he sings it, it makes you feel as though you're actually there as well as it having a good story behind it.

Awesome lyrics.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/07

Awesome lyrics....the way he makes fun of the new digital junkies..that they are nothing but moneyhungry this is bon's dedication to all those heros..all the eltons, all the bruce's, all the patty's....and all the bonjovi's out there...coz they will be the last one's standing...

EVEN BETTER LIVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/06

Have to agree with the first review 110%, at first listen the album seemed a bit on the hard to get into side of the jovi collection but stick at it. saw the band last night at manchester, fantastic gig, fantastic night, 2 1/2 hours of the best rock played with proper instruments (ok we'll let david off with his keyboard)

last man standing as opener gave the crowd exactly what they'd come for, and the goose bump factor went off the scale for those lucky enough to get on the stage and swoon. runaway/dry county/you gave love/captain crash/ and more rounded off with the national anthen of rock BLAZE OF GLORY!!!

What more could a fan want, if they are the last men standing they are doing a mighty fine job, long may they continue.

Most respectable song to date from a band who survived without the backing of the media and critics | Reviewer: steve challinor | 3/12/05

This for me is the best song to date for these guys, the words mean so much to me and i'm sure millions out there will feel the same? For years now the music industry as been on a ''slippery'' slope to nowhere with crap like fame academy and pop stars producing the music for the airwaves, bands that can wright and play and produce songs that mean something and songs you can turn up and sing to are few and far! This song should pull all the real music lovers together, it doesn't matter who your band is be it REM U2 Bon Jovi or anybody else, these lyrics will mean sometthing to you too! This tune also reminds me of what i first loved about Bon jovi all those years ago it's catchy and captures a mood in side of me, when i heard it i thought thats just how i've been feeling for the last 6 years or so, when i'm out in my car flicking through stations trying to find something to sing along to and all i can find is JLO brittney and christina not to mention the hardcore dance we had to suffer for a period! So i say well done bon jovi and hears to another 100 million