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Radiohead Last Flowers Lyrics

Last updated: 08/18/2013 07:27:57 AM

Appliances have gone berserk
I cannot keep up
Treading on people's toes
Snot-nosed little punk

And I can't face the evening straight
You can't offer me escape
Houses move and houses speak
If you take me there you'll get relief
Relief, relief, relief...

And if I'm gonna talk
I just wanna talk
Please don't interrupt
Just sit back and listen

'cause I can't face the evening straight
You can't offer me escape
Houses move and houses speak
If you take me there you'll get relief
relief, relief, relief, relief, relief...

It's too much
Too bright
Too powerful

Too much
Too bright
Too powerful

Too much
Too bright
Too powerful

Too much

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Confessions | Reviewer: EM | 8/18/13

This song is number one in my playlist. I came to listen to it when I first watched Confessions ( a Japanese psychological film) and I must say, the song gave such an impact on the movie. A great song for a great movie.

This song is just purely perfect for me | Reviewer: Haardik Gabbi | 2/21/13

The lyrics the music it all are connected so well .... you can actually feel the pain and sorrow in his voice and i can link to this song .... P.S Radiohead is my favorite band Love from India

Nirvana + Radiohead | Reviewer: Trebol | 1/28/10

Did you guys ever heard Thom Yorke wrote this mostly based on those last weeks of Kurt Cobains life? I don't know if they had an actual relationship as musicians and songwriters but the band R.E.M. was very very close to both bands and I think Thom wrote this like saying 'Hey Kurt you had a tough life and this is how I feel about it'

take me there and you'll get relief | Reviewer: cupcake | 8/12/09

i am totally in love with this song... as soon as i got the disc 2 songs, after flipping through the others quickly this was the first one i listened through fully. i think it's beautiful.

one interesting bit, is the part where he says "take me there and you'll get relief".
I was really really intrigued by the old Radiohead websites they have linked in their archives. Even though parts of the websites kept going in freaking circles I was determined to see and read every one.

In the website that they had made sometime either during OK Computer or between OK Computer and Kid A, this is a page I found.

radiohead. com/Archive/Site2/rad028.html

Notice the 4th line down - the same line as in the song. I was just really excited to recognise the line - perhaps Last Flowers is a little older than you'd expect? Or perhaps he's just reusing another lyric, but whatever. Just a fun tip.

Powerful! | Reviewer: Herbert | 6/6/09

I remember driving and listening to the cd for the first time; when this song started playing, I just had to stop and listen... then I said I had to play it myself on the piano... wow! you can't imagine how powerful it is, it'll take you further away - beautiful!

greatt shit | Reviewer: senssi24 | 5/26/09

i might see a possible therapy reference in here..and if im gonna talk, i just want to talk, please dont interrupt, just sit back and listen..after tons of therapy i can definitely see some relation towards that..the piano in this song is also beautiful

10x Radiohead for their new album "In Rainbows" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/08

I like this song so much, is perfect to listen it in down moments, Radiohead is my favorite Band, these lads are great!!!, im from Mexico and i like their style really!!!, but the "Videotape" song is great too!

different take | Reviewer: jono | 2/19/08

i'm coming off anti-depressants after several years (radiohead might not be the best option) haha, but the lyrics are incredible and echo my reliance on medication
-you can offer me escape
-if you take me then you'll get relief

thanks again lads

possibly the greatest song of all time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/07

I was obsessed with this song. Then i read the lyrics. I'm now deranged due to the sheer perfection of this song, even by Radiohead standards. Thank you forever.